Sunday, March 23, 2008

3/23 Show Recap

Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Natalie feels responsible for Matt's eviction since she voted James back in the house. Adam was upset that he voted Ryan out, and Ryan ended up staying. Sheila plans on getting revenge for Matt. James doesn't feel bad about going back on his word to Matt and thinks that the house was stupid for voting him back in the house. Adam is actually mad that he won HoH because now he has to make decisions in the game. Sheila and Natalie were thrilled about Adam's win. Chelsia thinks that this week will be tough for her side. James thinks that Adam could nominate anyone this week. Natalie feels lost in the game since Matt was her true ally. Natalie told Chelsia that the house is divided, and someone from Chelsia's side will be evicted this week.

Sharon has become pretty attached to the guinea pigs, much to Adam and Joshuah's dismay. Adam received his HoH bedroom, along with pictures from his family and... baby food? Apparently, his mother wanted him to eat baby food since it is good for him. Natalie also seems to like it. Joshuah thinks that he and Sheila could be nominated this week. Sheila started to get nervous, thinking that Adam could nominate her. Joshuah tried to make a deal with Adam in exchange for safety this week. Adam told Sheila that she may be nominated, and Sheila went off! She told him that she will target him if he nominates her, especially after all that she has done for him in the game. Want to get involved in the game, America? Go to to find out how! Hmm...

Time for a luxury competition! The HG competed for a chance to see the movie "21." Sheila is a big movie buff, so she was especially excited for the competition. The backyard has been turned into a casino! Each round, a series of cards would be shown with a face of a HG and a number. The first HG to say which HG added up to 21 would win a chip, and if you answered incorrectly, you were eliminated. The first HG to receive four chips would win the competition. James went out first. Chelsia had a hard time remembering who was on what card. Sheila was out next. Joshuah went out third. Ryan pretty much dominated the competition, earning four chips very early. He got to choose three other HG to attend with him, so he chose Adam, James, and Natalie. Sheila was upset that she was left out. Ryan was then offered a trip to Las Vegas worth over $21,000 if he won a game of blackjack. If he won, he received both luxuries, but if he lost, he and the people he chose forfeited his movie.

Ryan decided to bet his winnings and play blackjack. In the game, he received an 18 and decided to stay. The dealer received 19, so Ryan lost. Therefore, Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila got to see the movie. Natalie has found strength in God and her Bible while being in the house. She also has been counting various objects around in the house in hope that they will be used for an upcoming HoH competition, especially things relating to the number 8. The HG received a smaller dining table! Magically, Natalie also discovered that Dick would be returning to the house this week since his name (Evel Dick) has 8 letters, and he would be returning on week 8. (Maybe she is right on all the "8" garbage.) She was floored when Adam wanted to nominate Sheila instead of James this week. The search is on for BB10's HG! Go to to apply!

James thinks that Adam will be stupid to make himself one of his targets by nominating him. Sheila thinks that Adam may nominate her for being bitter towards him in the first days in the house. Joshuah thinks that Adam will remain true to his word and keep him safe this week. Order of keys: Natalie, Sharon, Ryan, Joshuah, and Sheila, leaving Chelsia and James nominated for eviction. Adam thinks that Chelsia and James are very close to each other and good competitors. Chelsia and James think that Adam is stupid for making a target out of himself.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Chelsia or James from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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