Saturday, March 29, 2008

3/28-29 Live Feeds: 4:00 PM-6:00 AM

Joshuah knows that he will be evicted since James won PoV. Natalie says that she will not nominate Sheila because the vote would be tied, and she would have to break it. Therefore, she will be nominating Sharon. Joshuah is debating on whether or not to continue eating slop. He says that he will stay calm throughout the week and go out with class unlike Chelsia. Adam and Ryan agree that Joshuah is better to keep in the house since Sharon will side with the other women over them. Ryan assured Joshuah that he has the votes to stay this week.

Natalie promised to evict Sharon if the vote is tied. Her and Ryan discussed if Joshuah or Sharon was the better one to evicted this week. They agreed to talk about it more after the PoV ceremony. (Ryan obviously wants Joshuah to stay because of their "secret alliance." Natalie is on the fence but is leaning more towards evicting Sharon at this point.) They do not want Sheila knowing that they are planning to evict Sharon since she is close with her. They asked James about the possible alliance consisting of James, Joshuah, Natalie, and Ryan. James would like that but isn't sure if he can trust them. He wants Adam and Sheila nominated next week. The four of them then agreed on a one-week deal to target Adam and Sheila next week. Joshuah agreed to give them two weeks of safety since they are keeping him. They all plan on lying to the other three and make them believe that Sharon will be evicted this week.

Ryan says that he will nominate Joshuah and Sheila if he wins HoH next week, but he wants Sheila evicted. James agreed to vote to evict Sharon this week. Sharon started to break down emotionally because she felt that she let Joshuah down this week by not winning the PoV, and Sheila told her that she would be safe this week. Sharon thinks that James will end up winning the game. James says that he is done lying to the house. He also thinks that a double eviction will occur next week. (If BB stays with the "double-eviction night" like in seasons past, it usually occurs following week 9, which would occur on April 9.)

Sharon hopes that James will throw next week's HoH competition to her if it comes down to the two of them. Sheila told Sharon that they need to stick together in the game. Sharon told Joshuah that she is playing the game for him now. Ryan told Adam that he would nominate James next week. Adam told Natalie that he would vote for Joshuah to stay this week. Natalie told Adam that James and Joshuah will target Sheila next week and not him.

Sharon told Natalie that if the house kept Joshuah this week, then he and James would sail to the finals together. Natalie told her that they and Sheila need to stick together. Adam isn't sure about keeping Joshuah now because he will work with James over them. He thinks that they can work with Sharon to get her to nominate James if she wins HoH next week. Adam was the last one asleep last night at around 4:40 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


uneedleme said...

Houseguests just woke up about an hour ago. Should be an interesting day. Who will be making deals/alliances with who. I guess we won't know until tomorrows veto ceremony.

Anonymous said...

i guess NOT