Thursday, March 27, 2008

3/26-27 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

James thinks he will be backdoored this week, while Joshuah thinks that he and James will be nominated initially. He seems to know that James will win the PoV this week, thus causing Joshuah to be the one evicted. Yesterday was Matt's birthday, and Natalie was thrilled to be able to send Chelsia to him for his birthday (meaning someone from Joshuah's side). Natalie received her HoH bedroom, along with a letter from home, pictures from her family, Yellowcard's latest CD, sushi, and wine.

James tried to work Natalie, claiming that he wants to work with her and go to the finals with her. Natalie said that she would think about it, but she made James promise that if he isn't nominated and wins PoV, then he will not save Joshuah with it. Joshuah and Sharon agree that they do not trust James anymore since he has been campaigning against them. Joshuah says that he will do everything he can to make sure Sharon is not nominated this week. They agree to target Adam and Natalie next week. Joshuah also thinks that Adam and Ryan need to be split up.

Natalie is still planning to nominate James and Joshuah. Adam and Ryan agree that James has to be evicted this week. Joshuah told Sheila about Chelsia and James having sex last week. (James confirmed it earlier.) James is the only HG still awake as I post this.


uneedleme said...

I am definitely taking a break fromm BB9 this week. Natalie makes me sick. How stupid is she! Maybe they should take the bibles away from them and give them something else to read. I am so sick of 'God will give me a sign'. Didn't we have enough of that last season.

Anonymous said...

natalie is a great player in this game IM SO GLAD TO SEE CHELSIA GO!!!!!!!