Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/25 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Chelsia or James from eviction? Let's find out!

James hopes he can win the PoV and target Adam next week. Chelsia thinks that Adam made a good move by nominating her alongside James since she now has to play for herself instead of James. Joshuah is amazed that he has escaped nomination for the entire game thus far. Sheila is fed up with Chelsia and James' childish behavior.

It's movie time! Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila got to see a special screening of "21" along with a bucket of popcorn. However, one of the buckets contained Ryan's trip that he bet during the competition, and Chelsia grabbed the winning bucket! She was ecstatic. Natalie sulked. Sheila was thrilled to finally see a movie after being deprived of one for the last two months. She loved the movie, along with the other three. Time to pick the PoV players! Joshuah got nervous since they were picking players during the night rather than the morning. Adam chose Joshuah (random), Chelsia chose Sheila (random), and James chose Sharon (HG choice). Ryan was bummed that he wasn't chosen to play. Sharon knows that either she or Joshuah will be nominated if Chelsia or James wins PoV. Dick has returned, complete with pots and pans! Dustin, anyone?

Chelsia was shocked to see Dick. Sheila hated Dick on BB8 but respects him now that she has gone through the game. Time for the PoV competition! Like I predicted, the competition was a direct copy of the drinking croquet competition that Dick won last season. However, if a HG was able to beat Dick's score of 33, then they would win a special electric guitar. If nobody did, then Dick would win it. Number of drinks earned: Joshuah - 5, Sharon - 6, Chelsia - 6, Sheila - 7, Adam - 8, and James - 10. Points: Joshuah - 17, Sharon - 19, Chelsia - 13, Sheila - 23, Adam - 28, and James - 29. James has won the PoV! Therefore, Dick won the guitar. James says that he will stay in the game until he is the winner. Joshuah really thinks that he will be nominated, and Chelsia will be shocked if she stays this week. She regrets voting James back in the house since she never got to play her own game.

Joshuah is still sticking to his alliance with Ryan, and Ryan will make sure that Joshuah isn't the one nominated this week. Joshuah told Sharon that she would be a better nominee alongside Sharon than he would because Chelsia would definitely be voted out if Sharon was the other nominee. Joshuah is surprised at how close to him Sharon is. Sharon agreed and convinced Adam to follow suit. Natalie thinks that Joshuah convinced Sharon to be nominated instead of himself. Natalie tried to get Joshuah backdoored and evicted instead of Chelsia.

James doesn't want to be evicted by Chelsia again, so he plans on saving himself. Chelsia knows that she will be evicted this week because Ryan's side wants her and James split up this week. Joshuah doesn't want to be the replacement nominee. James did decide to use the PoV to save himself, and Adam replaced him with Sharon. Sharon wants to save Joshuah because she wants to make the finals with him. Chelsia hates how James is rubbing the PoV in her face. Joshuah thinks that he will win the game if he continues to manipulate Sharon and the rest of the house.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Did I miss the show? Damn, fell asleep again. This season is boring. Natalie MUST GO!

Anonymous said...

I really don't like Nat. I don't understand that way of thinking. She knows that God won't let James win?? What the heck is that about? People get killed everyday but God is gonna make sure James doesn't win POV. @@

Anonymous said...

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