Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/26 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-5:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 8:45 AM this morning. Natalie feels really good about winning HoH tonight. Sheila says that if she wins, she will host an all-girls slumber party in the HoH bedroom tonight. She thinks that James will nominate her and Ryan if he wins HoH next week. The HG were told that they would be blindfolded during tonight's HoH competition and that they will remain in the competition even if they miss a question. (It has something to do with the questions asked on the Internet last week.)

Sheila wants to nominate James and Joshuah next week. Ryan told her that he will throw her the competition if it comes down to the two of them. Natalie thinks that Sharon will be on her side for the remainder of the game. The feeds have been blocked since around 4:05 PM for the preparation of the live show. Don't forget about the show tonight, which starts shortly here on the east coast. It should entail the eviction and HoH competition. As always, I'll have the recap of the show following its conclusion!

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