Sunday, March 30, 2008

3/30 Show Recap

Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Natalie claims that she has played dumb in the game, which is why Chelsia thinks she needs an education. Sheila thinks that Chelsia was extremely immature when she was evicted. Joshuah feels that he has lost a sister in Chelsia. James realizes that he is now alone in the game. Joshuah really felt the pressure to win HoH this week since his alliance with James and Sharon is outnumbered by the other four. He was surprised that America thought Natalie was more inspirational than himself. Natalie now knows that if you will be awarded if you have faith since she won HoH. Sheila was thrilled that Natalie could get her vengeance for Matt by winning HoH. James knew that he would be evicted unless he pulled something off this week. Joshuah was very disappointed by losing to Natalie. Adam was very happy for Natalie. Ryan thinks that his alliance should be named "Team Christ." Natalie claims that her lucky number is 7, and she won HoH at the end of week 7. Joshuah thinks that Natalie's theories change with the weather. Last week it was 8, and this week it is 7. Time to see Natalie's HoH bedroom! She received pictures of her family and a letter from home. Sheila still wishes that she received a letter from home since she misses her family so much.

The HG played Hide and Seek. Joshuah explained to some of the HG how he "came out" to his family. Sheila loved how his parents completely understood his choice of sexuality and would do the same thing for her son if he was gay. Joshuah thinks that his alliance is falling apart this week. Natalie told James that she trusts him more than Joshuah. James promised Natalie that if she kept him safe this week, he would pay her back next week. The two of them then made an alliance to go to the finals. Natalie is still debating on whether or not to trust James.

Time for the food competition! Adam doesn't want to be on slop this week. Joshuah was nervous about playing the competition individually. Each HG had to choose whether or not they would want to be on slop for the week. If the majority chose food, then they would actually be on slop. But if the majority chose slop, then they would be on slop. If three chose slop, then they would get slop. Results: James, Joshuah, Ryan, Sharon, and Sheila all chose slop, so they got slop for the week. Adam was the only one to choose food, so he and Natalie were the only two who got food for the week. Adam was thrilled. James, Joshuah, and Ryan are not looking forward to being on slop this week.

James doesn't like having to sleep alone now. He cried for the first time in the house because of being so lonely. Adam and Ryan made a whirlpool while swimming in the pool and found it tough getting out once they stopped. The HG made fun of Natalie after seeing her talking to Matt's picture on the Memory Wall. Joshuah thinks that Matt should get a restraining order against Natalie after the game. He wouldn't be surprised if Natalie made out with Matt's picture. Ryan suggested backdooring James this week.

Ryan is not concerned about being nominated and would love to see James backdoored this week. Joshuah is nervous about him and Sharon being nominated in order to split them up. James hopes that he got through to Natalie regarding their final two deal. Sharon knows that someone from her alliance will be evicted this week. Natalie says that she will do what is best for her in the game and is not worried about being targeted next week because of her nominations. Order of keys: Adam, Sheila, Ryan, and Sharon, leaving James and Joshuah nominated for eviction. Natalie feels that Joshuah is a threat since he has yet to be nominated. She also thinks that he is working with James, which is why she nominated him. Joshuah says that this is the first time that he has felt the threat of eviction. James says that he will target Natalie now if he stays this week. Natalie says that he will never be able to trust James in the game again.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either James or Joshuah from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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