Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4/1 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-2:00 PM

Joshuah was the first one up this morning at around 9:00 AM. He dressed up in a ridiculous outfit consisting of the red unitard, gloves from the HoH competition, little black shorts, goggles, and huge black work boots. BB woke the rest of the HG up at around 9:25 AM. (It sounded like Joshuah danced for the HG in his outfit to the wake-up music during the feeds block.)

Sharon told Natalie and Sheila that James will probably nominate them if he wins HoH next week. Sheila wants to be evicted if James is the next HoH. She claims that the house is divided between the Atheists (James and Joshuah) and Team Christ (everyone else). Adam told Sharon that he would keep her in the house over Sheila and Natalie. Sheila told Natalie that Natalie would beat her if they were in the finals.

Natalie again told Joshuah that she would vote for him to stay if the vote is tied. Joshuah told her that if she doesn't, he will not vote for her to win the game. He again promised to throw the next HoH competition and do everything he can to keep her safe next week. He thinks that he has James's and Ryan's vote. Natalie is worried that James and Joshuah want her out to avenge Chelsia's eviction. Joshuah claims that he doesn't care about Chelsia anymore and wants Sheila out next week. He says that Natalie will win the game if she follows through with the plan to evict Sharon this week.


Anonymous said...

Uggg...I'm so tired of this God thing. Nasty Natty is really starting to get on my nerves. Team Christ...Christ, give me a break.

Anonymous said...

I know...I don't understand this over the top God stuff. I have no problem with believing in God, but the whole thing about "God will only let a Good Person win". What the heck are they thinking?? Who is to say that Nat is a better person then James or Josh? I thought there was no judging??

Anonymous said...

Good people? They are all playing for $500K. I don't remember greed being God-ly. Get over yourself, HG's.

I cannot wait for the houseguest to read all the blogs and see what America really thinks of this group. BORING!!!!

I hope CBS does a better job in the Summer. Mix up the age some. Bring in some married people (not to each other) and watch them go crazy. (Crazy equals good TV).

Anonymous said...

Hey, who am I?:

"You know whut. You know whut. You know whut. You know whut. I'm 45. I'm 45. I'm 45. I'm 45. I'm a single mom. I'm a single mom. I'm a single mom. You know whut, I'm 45 and a single mom."