Thursday, April 3, 2008

4/2 Live Feeds: 5:00-11:00 PM

Natalie told Adam that God is on their side in the game. Sharon was upset that she choked on the last questions of the HoH competition. She thinks Adam will target her this week. Natalie told her that James is Adam's target this week. Ryan thinks that Natalie is America's favorite HG. @@ Sheila told Sharon that she would keep the nominations the same if she wins PoV this week (assuming James and Sharon will be nominated). Sharon is sure that she will win HoH next week if she stays. Natalie told James that she still wants to work with him in the game.

Natalie is sure that God is giving her "signs" this week, saying that she will win the PoV. @@ James thinks that Adam would nominate Sheila if PoV was used. Adam, Natalie, and Ryan think that Sharon threw the HoH competition because they know she knew the last answer. James thinks that Natalie deserves to win the game the most. He again says that he will not vote for Adam to win. Adam got his HoH bedroom. As usual, everyone went up to see. Adam got pictures, some food, some clothes, and a letter. He read the letter aloud. Following the reading of his letter, everyone congratulated him and left.

James heads off to bed and the other HG talk about the upcoming week. Natalie says they MUST win PoV. Adam says they deserve to lose if they don’t win. Natalie thinks it is her duty to win. (I’m sure God told her this.) Sheila thinks it is her and Adam’s responsibility to win the PoV. They voted James back in, so it is only right for them to send him packing. Sharon says that James wants her to use PoV on him, but she isn’t buying it. Sheila thinks if Sharon wins PoV, Sharon won’t use it because she knows James will be evicted. (Why would Sharon do this?)

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