Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/11-12 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

James now thinks that he will stay this week. Joshuah wants James to stay but doesn't want Sharon to be voted out unanimously. He says that the longer Sharon remains in the game, the more it hurts him. Sheila is sure that James will be voted out this week. She says that if anyone from Ryan's side wins HoH, then Chelsia and Joshuah will be nominated. Sheila doesn't want to win HoH since she is playing both sides. She tells Sharon that Joshuah wants her out and has been campaigning against her this week.

Natalie tells Sharon that if she doesn't receive at least three votes to stay this week, then Joshuah will have voted against her. Sharon is shocked that Joshuah has been campaigning for James to stay this week. She says that if she wins HoH next week, she will nominate Chelsia and Joshuah. Natalie says that she has forgiven James for the pickle incident. She told Matt about Sharon nominating Chelsia and Joshuah, and Matt thinks she is definitely lying. Sheila tells Adam that they need to pretend that they are not aligned to avoid being nominated together. She assures him that Sharon is on their side and wants Matt and Ryan out.

Joshuah told Adam and Sheila that he is voting James out this week. Sheila told him that he needs to go with his gut and not do what other HG want him to do. (She wants him to keep James so Sharon will ditch him for her.) Joshuah knows what Sheila is doing and assures Sharon that he is voting for her to stay. He thinks Chelsia will be the only vote to keep James. He told her that Sheila is playing both sides and doesn't like it when she talks to Sharon.

Chelsia tells Natalie that she will be safe next week if she votes Sharon out this week. Natalie and Sheila agree that Joshuah needs to be evicted next week. Ryan told Joshuah that James will be evicted this week, so he is better off voting with the majority. Joshuah knows and says that if he doesn't vote to keep Sharon, then she will not trust him anymore. The guys talk about how Sheila totally screwed up their plan to get Matt out and agree that she is trying to start drama in the house. Chelsia and James were the last ones asleep last night at around 1:30 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this!

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