Thursday, March 13, 2008

3/12-13 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-3:00 AM

James assured Matt that he will keep his word and will not nominate Matt or Natalie this week. (This was the deal discussed in the HoH competition.) Chelsia plans on sleeping in her current bed instead of in the HoH bedroom because she wants Ryan to sleep in the "cursed" bed, which is the only one left. Ryan seems to know that he will be nominated this week. Sheila thinks that she will be as well. Matt is amazed that Natalie stayed in the HoH competition for over four hours just for him. He is finally realizing how much she cares about him, so he gave her a massage.

James asked Matt if he knew Natalie prior to entering the house, and Matt said that he did not. Matt claims that Adam was the third person not to vote James back in the house, not himself. Ryan says that he rather sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor than in the cursed bed. Joshuah told Natalie that he will throw the HoH competition to her next week if it comes down to the two of them. Sheila cannot believe that Adam and Natalie voted James back into the house. (Me either! Why would you vote the person you just backstabbed back into the house?)

Ryan thinks that Adam is the biggest floater in the house and is now on Joshuah's side. Chelsia and James are the only two still awake in the house. It looks like Ryan and Sheila will be nominated this week since James made a promise not to nominate Matt or Natalie. Both the food competition and nominations ceremony should be later on today!


Anonymous said...

Time for Matt and Natalie to leave!!! Go James, revenge should be sweet for him now...they never kept their word so why should he keep his!!!

Anonymous said...

Time to put up Ryan and Baller to ensure Ryan's departure. James has to keep his word this week. Otherwise he will never make another deal in the house. Ryan has been his target since the HOH comp started.

Go James!

Anonymous said...

Natalie is an idiot. She should have just cut a deal for herself and forget Matt. Not made James (who I think WILL keep his word) promise to keep Matt. Matt doesn't care about her anyway! And now he's lying that he voted to bring back James . . . . geesh! What a creep!