Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/12 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Natalie thinks that Joshuah made a huge mistake by telling her his plan. Chelsia thinks that Ryan made a huge mistake and told Ryan not to play her for a fool. Ryan replied with the same comment, saying that Chelsia couldn't manipulate him. Sharon thinks that she will be evicted this week, but Matt doesn't think so. Natalie and Sheila also assured Sharon that she would be safe this week. Sharon thinks that Joshuah needs to stop blowing up on people because that is beginning to work against him. Sharon told Sheila that Matt kissed her when she was HoH last week. Sheila was very surprised and has realized how much Sharon has opened up since being in the house. Sheila told Natalie about Matt and Sharon kissing, and Natalie had the same reaction. She wants to evict Sharon since her and Matt are getting closer. Sheila agreed. They gave James their word that they would vote to evict Sharon. Natalie told Matt that they should vote Sharon out, and they had yet another fight. Matt says that they need to vote the same way if they still want to play as a couple, but Natalie doesn't think so. She will do what is best for her from now on.

Let's catch up with the evicted HG! Jacob thinks that he and Sharon would spice things up if he returned. Jen is really frustrated with not knowing what has been going on in the house and wants to return with a vengeance. Parker doesn't plan on holding back if he returns. Alex and Amanda still do not get along. Alex wants to return because he felt that Amanda was the reason for his eviction. Amanda would not look out for anyone else if she returned. Allison thinks that she is the evicted HG that has the most revenge. Julie revealed that the HG who returns to the house will either be one of the evicted HG or the HG they evict tonight. The HG still in the house will vote. America chose Alex to return to the house! His identity will be kept secret to the HG until after the vote for who they want to see return.

By a vote of 5-1, James has been evicted from the BB house. The alarm has sounded again!

The HG were informed of the twist. Here's how they voted: Ryan - Mystery HG, Chelsia - James, Matt - Mystery HG, Sheila - Mystery HG, Joshuah - James, Natalie - James, Adam - James, and Sharon - James. By a vote of 5-3, James has returned to the house!

James returned to the house! Time for the HoH competition! Each HG had to stand on a disc above a large disco ball. They were then raised in the air. If anyone falls off, they will be eliminated. The last HG standing will win HoH. Basically, it is your typical endurance competition. Champagne is also spraying at the HG. As for this competition, I will try to keep you updated throughout the night, but I do have to get up early tomorrow, so I won't stay up too late. Hopefully they will fall fast.

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Find out Sunday!


Steve Z said...

PLEASE! Someone post a screen cap of the guinea pig from the end of the show... that was the best part!!!!

Anonymous said...

what was the point of the guniea pig...

That was our choice and they took it away. F- That!

I rather look at Alex over James anyday!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else here think CBS doesn't give a DAMN about its viewers?? BRING BACK ALEX DAMMIT!

Steve Z said...

The guinea pig "moment" happened just as they were starting the HOH comp and Julie was talking to James I believe. It was just a spilt second... It was awesome... LOL

Anonymous said...

CBS doesn't care about their viewers. What was the point in voting, they led us to believe that the person we chose would come back in the house. They should have explained the process before asking us to vote, I wouldn't have wasted my time. Now I won't waste my time watching the show anymore. Thanks for nothing CBS.

Anonymous said...

BB changed the rules after we made our choice because they didn't like the results of the vote. They were hoping for someone more controversial like Allison to create drama in the house. When they got Alex they decided to change the rules to make it a houseguests'choice, bringing back James so he and Chelcia could continue their showmance and little sexual trists@@. BB doesn't realize they totally obliterated any hope of any further audience participation in their future shows by ignoring America's choice and manipulating the outcome of this one. If they don't fix this somehow, nobody will be watching, I know nobody will ever waste their time voting again. This is the most ridiculous BB ever!

Samantha said...

I for one was happy they got to choose, because I agree that Alex would've been a boring choice.