Sunday, March 9, 2008

3/9 Show Recap

Who will Ryan nominate? Let's find out!

Joshuah was excited to see Allison almost out of the house. Matt can't stand Allison but is close to Ryan. Ryan originally thought that BB forgot to unlock the door, then realized that the alarm was about to ring. Natalie got nervous when the alarm rang. Joshuah almost got sick when the alarm sounded. Sheila was relieved when she was finally separated from Adam, and Adam felt the same towards Sheila. Matt was thrilled to get rid of Natalie. Natalie was a little hurt when Matt immediately moved away from her. Ryan was glad to be safe but held his emotions until after Allison left. Sheila felt horrible for evicting Allison. Joshuah felt even better that Allison was evicted twice. Ryan felt a complete turnaround by winning HoH. Matt was also happy for Ryan. Joshuah was not happy with Ryan winning since he nominated Ryan last week. Sharon felt the same way. Natalie thinks that Matt is joking with her by saying that he doesn't want to sleep with her anymore. Matt thinks that he is really going to have to hate Natalie for her to leave him alone. Chelsia was actually upset that she couldn't work with James anymore. James thinks that Chelsia is going to abandon him for Matt and Ryan. James really likes Chelsia and doesn't know if she likes him the same way.

Natalie read a passage from the book of Joshua in the Bible that said something about what comes out of a man's mouth is what makes him. She thinks that Joshuah's mouth will cause bad things for him. Joshuah apologized to God for breaking almost every Commandment and prayed for a flatter stomach. Ryan received his HoH bedroom, along with pictures of Jen and his family. Joshuah hated to see Jen again and said that his family was boring. Matt thinks that Ryan's sister is beautiful and asked her to call him. Ryan also received a Ohio State shirt, which Chelsia stomped on since she doesn't like them. Sheila is still upset about Allison's eviction, since Allison was the only person she trusted. She asked Adam to stick with her because she thinks they will be nominated. Adam doesn't know why Sheila is breaking down. He feels good about his future in the game. James says that he will still look out for Chelsia, even if people see them as a threat together. Chelsia and James agreed to stick together until the end. Sheila was thrilled to finally be away from Adam's poor sleeping habits. Adam, James, Matt, and Ryan plan to align to become the final four. James doesn't want to align closely with anyone yet.

Natalie claimed there was 27 letters in the alphabet, since she counted "and" (as in y and z) as a letter. Ryan corrected her. Time for the food competition! Teams were Adam, Matt, James, and Natalie against Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila. One by one, HouseGuests had to slide into a pool of chocolate and gather letters to spell out foods. The team to spell the most words would win food for the week. However, the only foods they would be allowed to eat would be the words they spelled correctly. The losing team would be on slop for the week. Adam's team won by one food. Sheila plans on starving herself rather than eating slop.

Joshuah promised Ryan that he would not nominate or backdoor Ryan the next time he wins HoH if Ryan keeps him safe this week. Joshuah enjoys the wake-up music BB plays for them to get them out of bed. Ryan wants to nominate Sharon and Sheila. James thinks that Sharon would stay if Sheila was nominated next to her. He suggests nominating Chelsia instead. Ryan doesn't want Chelsia upset with him, but the guys assure him that Chelsia will stay this week. A reminder to continue voting for your favorite evicted HouseGuest to return to the house! The polls close Wednesday at 3:00 AM EDT.

Sharon is nervous that Ryan will nominate her since she nominated him last week. Joshuah is also nervous that someone made a deal with Ryan to get him out. Chelsia is also nervous. Sheila doesn't know what Ryan is thinking and continues to never feel safe in the house. Ryan feels nervous himself since he has nobody to help him make his nominations. Order of keys: Adam, Natalie, James, Matt, Sheila, and Joshuah, leaving Chelsia and Sharon nominated for eviction. Chelsia says that she cannot rely on anyone now that she is nominated. James is nervous about Chelsia's safety. Sharon knows that she is a threat in the game. Ryan knows that the game will only get harder from here.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Chelsia or Sharon from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

It is sooooo sad to see Nat still chase Matt. Please buy some sense with your money.

Anonymous said...

Matt's a jerk...Nat needs to get a clue & some self esteem...I feel sorry for her...she so needy she can't realize Matt selfish & abusive! Definitly NOT a prize catch!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Matt needs to go! He thinks he is so smart and gorgeous. Matt newsflash your Not and the way you are lying and backstabbing makes you even ugylier! Natlie needs to go! She gives women around the world a bad name. How stupid can she be. Matt will vote her out as soon as he doesn't need her anymore. Wake-up Natlie, you may have Matt's back, but he doesn't have yours. Go Joshua! Josh is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Matt still sleeps with Natalie now that he doesn't have too?

Anonymous said...

DUH !! He still sleeps with her for the BJs !