Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/15 Live Feeds: 11:00 AM-4:00 PM

James told Chelsia and Joshuah about Matt admitting that he received a blow job from Natalie during the first week. Joshuah cannot believe how badly Matt treats Natalie when he has been having sex with her. James is still pondering about backdooring Matt this week. He is also thinking about replacing Ryan with Adam. He thinks that Adam and Sheila are still really close so nominating Adam would break them up. James told Ryan that he would be saving him with the PoV and nominating Adam as his replacement. He told Ryan to look out for him in the future. Ryan was pretty shocked about this.

Sheila thinks that Adam has gotten cocky about the game and isn't looking out for her anymore. She wants James to save her with the PoV and nominate Adam. Even though Ryan would still be evicted, she wants him to start getting serious about the game. Sheila confronted Adam about this, saying that she wants him to support her this week instead of Ryan. Adam tried to defend himself, but Sheila was doing most of the talking.

James wants to get Sheila on his side this week. He wants Adam evicted. Joshuah told Sharon about the plan to backdoor Adam, but she thinks that Ryan is bigger threat. Sharon and Sheila think that a double eviction will happen soon.


Anonymous said...

I think he should back door Matt. Hes a jerk and thinks hes in control of the game. I loved all the back doors last season, kept it interesting. Matt goes Natalies all alone, cause she stabbed everyone in the back already, by telling Matt last week about them trying to back door him.

Anonymous said...

no they shouldnt backdoor matt thay need to backdoor adam hes weird

Anonymous said...

I like Natalie but she is dumb as a stick..Matt talks about her behind her back and treats her bad in front of people, yet she still fools around with him..He knows what he is doing with her cuz all he has to do when she gets mad at him is baby her a lil and all is well. I wish someone would clock her on the head like the V-8 commercials so she'll get a clue...LOL