Sunday, March 16, 2008

3/15 Live Feeds: 4:00-9:00 PM

James now wants to evict Matt this week. He is thinking about saving Sheila and nominating Matt in her place. Sharon agreed with this, saying that evicting Matt would split him and Natalie as well as bring Sheila to their side since he would be saving her. James then told Adam that if he hears anything about Adam being nominated, then that is false because James is not nominating Adam. Adam told James that he is on his side and feels bad for voting James out last week.

Sharon told Joshuah about the plan to backdoor Matt, and Joshuah likes it. Joshuah thinks that Natalie will fall apart once Matt is evicted. Sheila thinks that James will nominate Adam in Ryan's place at the PoV Ceremony. Sheila wants America to decide the winner of the game instead of the jury.


Anonymous said...

So long, Matty!! I couldn't be happier for you !! What's Natalie going to do??? Although I kind of like Natalie...she should be next for going and blabbing everything that was told to her in confidence.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely! I couldn't be happier!!! See you Matt.

Anonymous said...

I hate Matty