Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Ryan or Sheila from eviction? Let's find out!

Sheila hopes that her side can give her the votes needed to stay this week. Natalie will repay James back for keeping her and Matt safe. Matt is grateful to Natalie for making the deal with James. He said that he would do anything to repay her in the future. He doesn't think he would ever vote against her and wants to see her win over him if they make the finals together. Joshuah is pretending to have an alliance with Ryan. Sheila apologized to Adam for being mean to him at the beginning of the game. She is beginning to see that he is a really good person. There is still confusion as to who was the third HG to not vote James back in the house. Ryan and Sheila have convinced, but the HG don't know if Adam or Matt was the third vote. The letters POV were inserted into the guinea pig cage, which got the HG thinking. Natalie told Sheila that it was very important for her to win PoV, which got Sheila thinking that Natalie might not have her back this week.

The HG planned a prank to wake Sheila up and tell her that the PoV competition was happening immediately. They played it perfectly, and Sheila laughed it off. Time to pick PoV players! James picked Matt (random), Sheila picked Chelsia (random), and Ryan picked Joshuah (random). Natalie was selected to host. Ryan thinks that Joshuah will save him if he wins PoV. The backyard had been turned into a giant guinea pig cage! HG had to transfer 500 blocks from one side of a balance beam to another, and the first to do so would win. If you fell off the beam or dropped a block, you were eliminated. Matt was first out, and he claimed that he didn't put forth his best effort. Ryan was out next, and he realized that he would be evicted unless Joshuah won. Sheila took her time because she figured that everyone else would fall. Sheila ended up dropping a block, thus eliminating her next. Chelsia fell off trying to run across her beam, thus leaving only James and Joshuah. James was beating Joshuah by a large margin and easily won the PoV.

Sheila was shocked when Natalie told her that she was torn on who to vote out this week. Even Adam seemed torn, making Sheila feel even more alone in the game. James knows that either Adam or Matt is lying about voting James back into the house, which is upsetting James. Sheila told James that Adam is playing all sides and is trying to play the house. James suggested the possibility of Adam leaving the house this week because he won't tell the truth about his vote to bring James back in. Adam rambunctiously continued to tell James that he voted to bring him back in the house, which caused James not to really believe him. James told Chelsia and Joshuah that he is using the PoV to nominate Adam.

James doesn't know which nominee to save in order to nominate Adam. Sharon told James that she knows that Matt was the third vote not to bring James back in the house. James was infuriated by this and decided that he would nominate Matt instead. Therefore, his nominations would end up being Matt and Ryan, with Matt being the target.

James is excited to get his biggest threat out of the house this week. Ryan feels helpless and thinks that he will be evicted this week. Sheila has discovered that nobody really has her back in the game. James decided to use the PoV to save Sheila, which got her very emotional to have received a second chance. He nominated Matt in her place since he is so close with Natalie and wants to break their relationship. Matt knows that he will be evicted this week. Ryan feels a little better because the house wants Matt out more than Ryan. Natalie is so upset that she trusted James and knows that God is on her side this week. James is thrilled to get his sweet revenge this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!

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