Friday, March 21, 2008

3/21 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-4:00 PM

Prior to the PoV competition, we could hear Dick over the feeds laughing and talking with the producers. It is assumed that he woke the HG up and hosted the competition during the long feed block. Ryan was the first one up today at around 7:00 AM. The feeds were blocked from around 7:10-11:35 AM this morning. When they returned, the PoV was hanging by James' picture on the Memory Wall, making it obvious that he won the competition.

James told Chelsia that he has to use the PoV to save himself and apologized to her. Chelsia thinks she will be evicted no matter who is nominated alongside her and plans to go out with a bang. Apparently, the competition was similar to the drinking croquet competition from BB8 in which Dick won. Some of the HG claimed that they threw up while drinking some of the drinks. Adam told Natalie that she needs to win HoH next week. Natalie claims that she would have won the PoV competition had she been selected to play.

James told Joshuah and Sharon that they have his vote this week. He claims that he likes Chelsia but would be better off without her making him a target. Chelsia thinks that Adam will nominate Sharon to ensure that Chelsia is evicted. Sharon told Adam that she will not hold anything against him if he nominates her this week. Ryan told Joshuah that he hates Sheila and wants him to go off on her. Joshuah said that he would if he doesn't get nominated this week.

Sheila claims that she would have saved Chelsia if she won PoV so that Joshuah could be nominated. (She is afraid that Joshuah will use her son against her.) Natalie told Sheila that she needed to calm down, which sparked a fit from Sheila. Chelsia regrets voting James back in the house since it has resulted in her impending eviction. Adam told Sheila that if anyone from James' side wins HoH next week, she will be nominated.

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