Friday, March 21, 2008

3/21 Live Feeds: 4:00-7:00 PM

Sheila and Natalie told each other that they will look out for each other in the game. Sharon continued to convince Adam to nominate her instead of Joshuah. (She doesn't want Joshuah to be nominated because she is afraid that he will attack everyone in the house, making him the likely target for eviction.) Sharon thinks that James needs to be backdoored next week because it is the final week before everyone can play for PoV. Sharon told Natalie that she would throw the HoH competition to her so that she could nominate James next week.

Natalie hopes that Sharon will nominate James and Joshuah if she wins HoH next week. Sheila thinks that she HAS to. Natalie thinks that her and Sheila will be the last two females in the house. Adam told Natalie and Sheila that Sharon is fine with targeting James next week. Sharon told Joshuah that she would be nominated this week. Joshuah says that they need to target Sheila next week. Sharon says that Ryan wants Sheila out as well. Ryan was informed that his grandfather passed away today at the age of 90.

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Anonymous said...

God Bless Ryan and his family...Our thoughts and prayers are with you!!!