Saturday, March 22, 2008

Big Brother Talk: Big Brother 3!

Big Brother Talk: Big Brother is back for another season! After a successful second season, BBTalk’s online version of Big Brother is back for a third season!

In season one, Jessica teamed up with Bud and together they made it to the end. However, in the end, Bud's lies and backstabbing approach cost him the game and Jessica easily won. Head over to for the site to the first season!

In season two, Allie managed to knock out the toughest competitors in BBTalk BB history and easily won the final competitions, earning her spot in the finals and overall winning the game. Head over to for the site to the second season!

Do you want your chance to play? If so head over to the Big Brother "house" and apply! Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, April 9. The game is located here:


Anonymous said...

Two questions:

what did Chelsia say to Natalie about her abortions that BB cautioned her?

and a couple of weeks ago (after the HOH that James won) Natalie was whining about something somebody said and that her Mom might see it . . . . what was it?

Anonymous said...

do you give prizes for winning?

Anonymous said...

uhhhh---no. I just thought someone would be nice enough to answer the question but I guess I was wrong.