Monday, March 17, 2008

3/16-17 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

Joshuah says that Natalie needs to go next week, followed by Ryan, Adam, and then Sheila. Sheila told Natalie that if she wins HoH next week, she has to nominate James and Joshuah. Natalie tells her that Joshuah's side wants Sheila nominated each week until she is evicted. They trust Matt more than Ryan. Sheila wants to nominate Chelsia and James if she wins HoH next week. Sheila told Natalie that she still wants Ryan to stay over Matt, and that is how she is voting.

Sheila told Joshuah and Sharon that Natalie is campaigning for Matt to stay this week. Natalie tried to get Joshuah and Sharon to vote Ryan out by saying that James doesn't care who is evicted this week. She mentions that Matt will be indebted to them if they keep him. She even offered Joshuah three weeks of safety if he kept Matt. Joshuah refused to make any promises with her.

Chelsia told Sheila that her side will vote the way she wants this week. Joshuah thinks that Sheila is still aligned with Ryan's crew and that she is reporting back to them everything that they say. Chelsia agrees and doesn't trust Sheila. James suggests targeting Sheila next week. James was the last one asleep tonight shortly before 3:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this!

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