Sunday, March 16, 2008

3/16 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Matt thinks that the house is divided. On one side is Adam, Matt, Natalie, Ryan, and Sheila. The other side contains Chelsia, James, Joshuah, and Sharon. James really wants to win HoH this week now that he has returned. Chelsia was upset when James was evicted because everyone had lied, saying that they would keep him this week. Adam and Joshuah felt bad for voting James out. Matt and Ryan were relieved to see James evicted. Chelsia knew that she was on her own after James was evicted. Adam voted James back in because he felt bad for voting him out. Natalie voted James back in because she wanted to redeem herself to James. Matt acted like he voted James back in. Matt says that someone from his side must win HoH this week or he will be nominated. Adam dropped out of the competition after only 15 minutes. Joshuah was soon to follow. Matt also fell a while later after complaining about his ankles hurting. Natalie tried to make conversation during the competition, which annoyed James. Sheila admitted that she voted the mystery HouseGuest back in because she wanted Alex back in the house. After one hour, Sheila started to feel sick and dropped out of the competition.

Natalie felt a lot of pressure to win the competition for the sake of her side. Joshuah tried to get Natalie to drop, but she refused, saying that she wanted pictures from her family. Matt told her that he would give her a massage if she won. Sharon fell after two and a half hours, saying that she couldn't feel her legs. Matt can't believe that Natalie voted James back in the house. Natalie told Chelsia and James that she wouldn't nominate them if she won HoH. James says that he wants to win HoH for his personal dignity. Chelsia slipped after 3 hours and 20 minutes. James told Natalie that if she nominates Ryan this week, he will drop out of the competition. Natalie thought about the deal but decided against it. Chelsia told Matt that if he ever trashed Natalie again, she would beat him up. James promised Natalie that he would keep both her and Matt safe this week, and Natalie dropped after 4 hours and 26 minutes. James wins HoH! He promised Matt that he would keep his word. Natalie apologized for dropping but Sheila wouldn't have any of it. Matt hugged Natalie, saying that she made him so proud.

Matt feels bad for treating Natalie badly after seeing her fight for him in the competition. Chelsia was thrilled to see James return to the game. Sharon assures Joshuah that James won't turn on them, even though Joshuah voted him out last week. Natalie thought Allison would be the mystery HouseGuest, so she voted James back in the house. Adam, Matt, and Ryan have now gotten into reading the Bible. James received pictures of his friends with his HoH bedroom. Natalie was thrilled to finally receive her massage from Matt. Natalie told Matt that he has to convince James that he voted for him to return to the house; otherwise, he might be nominated. Joshuah doesn't know who was the third vote for James not to return: Adam or Matt? Adam made sure to tell James that he voted for him to return. James claimed he didn't care about it since he was back.

Joshuah has been cleaning the house with a featherduster. He also received his letter from home, which he read aloud to the other HG. James asked Ryan why he nominated him last week. Ryan claimed that he could trust Matt more than James, so he kept Matt in the house over him. James knew that he was going to nominate Ryan, but he wasn't sure on the second nominee.

Ryan thinks that James views him as an enemy and knows that he will be nominated this week. Adam hopes that James believes that he voted him back in the house. Matt doesn't think that he is the target this week but isn't taking James' word for granted. James says that his nominations are hard because everyone except Chelsia voted him out, yet the majority of them mistakenly voted him back in. Order of keys: Natalie, Matt, Sharon, Chelsia, Joshuah, and Adam, leaving Ryan and Sheila nominated for eviction. James nominated Sheila because she lied straight to James' face, and she understands. James nominated Ryan because he backdoored him last week, and he also understood. Ryan says that he has survived his first two nominations, so he hopes he can survive a third week. Matt owes Natalie big time since she kept him safe this week. Sheila is pissed off and wants to take control of the game.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Ryan or Sheila from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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