Sunday, March 16, 2008

3/16 Live Feeds: 2:00-7:00 PM

Sharon and Sheila agree that by evicting Matt, Natalie will fall apart. Natalie refuses to speak to James until after she wins HoH next week. She told Joshuah that she plans on nominating Adam and Sheila if she wins HoH and then backdooring James. Joshuah immediately told James and agree that Natalie isn't likely to win the next HoH competition. The HG seem to think that the croquet set given to them will be the next HoH competition.

Matt told James that he knows what being backdoored feels like and asked him if he would keep him in a tied vote. James said that he might keep him if he got three votes to stay. Matt says that if James keeps him this week, he will work with him in the future. He says that he will do anything to stay this week, even going against Natalie. James still cannot believe that the house voted him back in the house after just evicting him. (I agree!) Matt is upset that he won't be in the house for his birthday in a few weeks.

Joshuah and Sharon told Sheila that she will be nominated next week unless she wins HoH. Matt tried to get Chelsia's vote, and she told him that Ryan screwed her over the most by agreeing to nominate Matt and then backdooring James. Sheila told Matt that he needs to break off from Natalie. (Sheila is still upset about Natalie wanting Ryan to stay over her.) Natalie thinks that James should have nominated Joshuah in Ryan's place. She is confident that God will be on her side during the HoH competition Wednesday. Natalie told Sharon that she won't backdoor her or Joshuah if she wins HoH.

Sheila told Matt that he has three votes to stay this week: her, Adam, and Natalie. Adam told Matt that he would be voting Ryan out, but he doesn't want anyone else knowing that. (Earlier, Sheila told Ryan that he would have her vote. Adam told him the same thing.) Adam thinks that Matt needs Chelsia or Sharon in order for him to stay. Sheila told Chelsia that she would be voting Matt out this week. Joshuah doesn't think that Sheila will target James since he saved her this week.

Adam and James agreed to stick together in the future. James told Adam that Matt will definitely be evicted this week. Adam and Sheila then agreed to stick together in the game and to vote Matt out of the house. They don't want Natalie to know because then she will target them. Sheila says that they both need to try for HoH next week. Matt told Sheila that he thinks he might be able to get Sharon's vote now. He says that he will move out of Natalie's bed if he stays this week. Sheila thinks he should have moved out a while ago since they don't feel the same way about each other.

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