Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3/19 Live Show Update

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Matt and Natalie were both stunned that Matt was nominated in place of Sheila. Natalie says James' word means nothing anymore. Matt is really depressed because he doesn't want to be backdoored. Both cry. Matt says he feels like he has let his mom down. He said he promised her a prize. Natalie was sad that her partner in the game could be going. Adam tried to convince Matt to campaign and somehow got Matt fired up. Matt said he had Adam's, Sheila's, and Natalie's votes, he just needs one more. He tries to play the sympathy card with Sharon and Chelsia- it does not work. He then plays the " I havent done anything to you" card. Sheila is convinced, Chelsia and Sharon aren't sure. Sheila goes to James and tries to convince him to evict Ryan should there be a tie. James is still undecided

After revealing to the houseguests that America had voted Alex back into the house, Julie asked how would the houseguests vote if they knew Alex was in the box. Four people voted to bring back Alex which would have been a tie. Big Brother decided to make a visit to the Donatos. Dick and Daniele say their relationship is good - not perfect, however. Dick said he spent the money on a trip to Europe and also bought Daniele a red Eclipse. Dick says it's odd how people recognize him - he said he felt like a rock star. They discussed this season's houseguests. They liked how James was playing the game but disliked how much Sheila and Natalie talked. Daniele said she and Nick are no longer dating because they aren't compatible.

Julie announced Dick would be returning to the house this week and said she would reveal more later. ( I believe he is hosting the PoV Competition)

It's time for the live voting to begin! Both Matt and Ryan gave speeches and then the voting HGs began to vote. Natalie, Adam, and Sheila voted to evict Ryan and Chelsia,Josh, and Sharon voted to evict Matt. We have a tie! Find out who James evicts when we come back!

James decided to evict Matt. Matt says James convicted the wrong man of the crime. Ryan was the one to nominate James and try to backdoor him not Matt. Matt says he and Natalie will be great friends outside of the house but a romantic relationship will not happen. Houseguests taped goodbye messages. James said Matt was a good guy but his attitude was Crappy. Sheila said she would miss Matt. Natalie thinks perhaps Matt is still her soulmate. Natalie said she would miss him. Julie informed Matt he will be Jury member #1

They have to answer questions about what others have said in the DR. No secrets will be given away.By random draw Joshuah and Chelsia will face off first.Chelsia wins the first round. She chooses Natalie and Sheila to face off.Natalie answers correctly, Sheila is out. Natalie chooses Chelsia and Sharon to face off.Chelsia answers correctly, Sharon eliminated. She chooses Adam and Natalie to face off. Natalie is eliminated. Adam chooses Ryan and Chelsia to face off. Ryan eliminated. It's between Adam and Chelsia.

ADAM is the new HOH.

Who will Adam nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8!

Then on Tuesday, Dick Donato will be back to give the houseguests a wake up call---like the one last year! Also, I believe he will be hosting the PoV Competition!


Anonymous said...

sigh, this season really is no fun, but now that adam won HOH hope he can take out james and josh..they are freaking annoying and fake. talk about how they tell the truth and carp.while just doing ppl in the back ha ha, say will help them and make deals that they never actually kept, not once, and they even call ppl out? gez just shup up already please leave the house

Anonymous said...

I think that Shelia and Natlie need to go, but I know that want happen with Adam being HOH. It's sad that Adam hasn't been trying at all and is also talking to both sides. He is riding everyones coat tails. Shelia needs to go!!!!!!!!

uneedleme said...

How funny would it be if Natalie was evicted next week. Just her and Matt in the jury house all alone for a week.
I really think Sheila should go next--talk about imbalanced!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how Adam got the nick name of A-baller? I missed that explaination.

Anonymous said...

A for Adam and Baller is a term for a lady's man. With his stories of his days as a womanizer, the house gave him that name.

BB9, didn't Adam say to Ryan during Ryan's HOH that he (Adam) wanted to be the one that evicted Sheila? That would be sweet.


Anonymous said...

i think it would be so sweet to stick matt with natalie in the s house seing how bad he used her. then she can face reality

Anonymous said...

i agree this season really isnt fun, but now that there faced against eachother we will se them play the game better and more fun for us

Anonymous said...

Wassup with Joshua's red toenails ?
Also, he was sittin there last
night.....biting his toenails !!!
This is the weirdest group BB has
ever had !!! Sharon and Ryan are
the only 2 "normal" people in the
whole house !!! Chelsia sure does
not mind takin off her clothes. On
BB sho2 she strips right down !
Natalie needs to be in a nuthouse !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explaination annoymous 12:10.