Sunday, March 9, 2008

3/9 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

Sheila claimed that she didn't know James would be nominated. Chelsia asked Adam if he was Ryan's group, and Adam claimed that he is by himself. Matt claimed that Natalie thought of the plan to nominate James. Chelsia got mad at Matt for trashing Natalie yet again. Matt said that James had to be nominated to break up the four on Joshuah's side. Chelsia still claims that she is not aligned with that group. She goes on about how she knew this would happen and tried to tell James about it yesterday. She tells Ryan that the two-week deal would have been better for him, but Ryan says that he had to side with who he trusted more.

Ryan apologized to James, saying that this is just a game. James says that he isn't mad, but he knows that he will be evicted this week. Ryan says he isn't sure if he will be voted out or not. Natalie yelled at Joshuah and Chelsia, saying that their alliance is screwed and God is on her side. James then dumped pickle juice on Natalie's head, followed by Josh throwing water at her. Natalie didn't take it the wrong way; she claimed it made her look better.

Joshuah asked Natalie where in the Bible does it say that abortions are okay. Natalie returned by saying that the Bible doesn't say anything that being gay is okay. Matt got mad at James for dumping pickle juice on a girl. James says that Natalie can wash it out. He then got mad at Joshuah for the way he talks to Natalie. He says that he would have beat Joshuah up had they been out of the house. Joshuah seemed to stop talking after that.

Sheila asked the guys in the house not to let Joshuah talk to her badly. She says that she has a teenage son at home and doesn't want him hearing that. Someone hid Natalie's Bible, so she spent the afternoon looking for it. James thinks he might be able to get Adam and Sheila's votes. Chelsia thinks that he might be able to get Adam's, but Sheila is with Ryan's side for sure. Joshuah plans on attacking Natalie much worse than he did Amanda and Allison.

Joshuah thinks that Sharon will flip sides to avoid being nominated. He tells her that he will still vote for her to stay even if she teams up with Ryan's side. Sharon says that Joshuah needs to calm down since he wasn't the one nominated. Joshuah doesn't care anymore since he is already a target. Sharon is confident that she, Josh, and Sheila will be the final three. Sharon doesn't understand why Ryan wants to keep Matt and Natalie in the game. She thinks they will end up being the final two.

Chelsia and Joshuah want to disgust everyone else by using bad hygiene this week. Chelsia says that she won't do dishes or anything this week since she is done caring about everyone. She also suggested wearing white sheets around Ryan since he hates black people. (The white sheets would resemble the KKK.) Joshuah wants Natalie and Ryan nominated next week, with Matt backdoored and evicted since he is the biggest threat in the house. He says that he will dye part of his hair pink in honor of James.

Joshuah made a castle out of baked slop earlier in the week, but Natalie now destroyed it and threw it away. Joshuah discovered that some of his belongings have now gone missing. Natalie told him that he will get all of his stuff back when she gets her Bible back. Joshuah is waiting for Natalie to call a truce before giving her Bible back. He is confident that someone from his side will win HoH next week. He says that he will throw the food competition next week if Matt and Natalie are on his team. Chelsia devised a plan to get Sheila's vote: Joshuah won't talk badly to Sheila if she votes Sharon out.

What a day! This afternoon was very reminiscent of when Dick paraded around this house last season (dumping tea on Jen, calling people out, etc.). Don't forget about the show tonight, which starts shortly here on the east coast. It should entail the food competition and Ryan's nominations. I'll have the recap up shortly following it.

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