Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/27 Show Recap

Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Michelle was shocked at Steven's last words to the HG. Jerry felt personally attacked. Dan can't believe how well his plan of looking weak worked. Angie was sad that another close person to her has been evicted. Keesha is afraid that people will target her now since she was close to Steven. She doesn't like seeing his picture in black and white. Keesha blames Angie for Steven's eviction since she let him take the fall for aligning with Brian.

Keesha is very excited that she won HoH and promises to turn the game around. Renny is thrilled that Keesha won since she is close to her. Libra was also excited. Michelle is glad that her alliance has evicted Brian and Steven and now will evict someone else through Keesha. Keesha is excited to seek revenge on Angie. Dan threw the HoH competition. April hopes that Keesha will target Renny this week. Keesha will remember the previous HoH's that kept her safe when she makes nominations.

Keesha told Libra that she doesn't know who to nominate, which surprised Libra. Memphis thinks that he and Jessie should be safe this week. The house seems to want Dan and either Jerry or Renny nominated, but Keesha is planning on doing what's best for her, not the house.

Time to see Keesha's HoH bedroom! Keesha really wants to receive pictures of her dog. She received his scarf as well as a letter from her parents. Libra wants to read her letter alone when she wins HoH, so she was annoyed when Renny stuck around while Keesha read her letter. Renny feels very close to Keesha and comforted her when she read her letter. Keesha thanked Renny for being close to her and let her know that she trusts her the most in the house.

Renny doesn't like how Libra seems to think that she runs the house. Renny also is annoyed by April. Keesha told April that she is going to target stronger players in the game, and April agreed, saying that she would do the same. Keesha told April, Libra, and Ollie that she wants to target Angie for ignoring Steven last week. April wanted Memphis nominated next to Angie since he would be a vote for her to stay. Keesha knows that she has a lot of options for nominations this week, including Libra.

Keesha told Memphis that she wants to nominate Angie. Memphis told Keesha that Angie isn't coming after her and would have nominated Dan and Jerry. Angie tried to talk to Keesha, but when Keesha told her to come back later, she told Jessie and Memphis. Angie thinks that Keesha will nominate her this week. Jessie doesn't understand why Keesha doesn't think that Libra is targeting Keesha. Keesha told Dan that she will probably keep him safe this week. If she does, she wants him to do the same for her in the future. Dan agreed and let Keesha know that he isn't aligned with anyone right now.

Keesha told Libra that she feels that Libra has been doubting her trust. Libra says that she was doubting Keesha because she was hanging around Steven so much. Libra could tell that Keesha was hurt and was nervous that Keesha might nominate her for it. Keesha warned Libra about her mouth because it is making her a target.

Michelle says that she loves eating exotic foods like pigs feet and cow intestines. Time for the food competition! The backyard was turned into a '60s style dance club. Keesha loves '60s outfits. Jessie and Michelle worked well as a team. Libra got stuck with Jerry but hoped to work well with him in order to redeem herself after last week's mishap. April was really frustrated with Renny because she wasn't communicating well. April and Ollie as a team reminded Dan of The Honeymooners.

For this week, the house would work as a team to earn food for the house. HG had to work as pairs to match socks. They communicated by talking to each other and saying what the designs on the socks were and then placing them in the correct spots. The HG earned: beef, pigs feet (Michelle was thrilled), chicken, deli meets, apples, brownies, beer, broccoli, avocado, bananas, juices, cereals, and pumpernickel, just to name a few.

April and Ollie like to read. April says that she has become more independent after reading a particular book. Ollie has had relationship problems because every time he sees a sign that a relationship is turning bad, he gets out of it rather than dealing with it. His relationship with April has been of his best though. Keesha still doesn't know who to nominate next to Angie. April wants her to nominate Memphis because he is close to Angie and he did win that car. Angie would still be evicted over him though.

Keesha told Jessie that she will nominate Angie, and she wants Jessie to evict her. Jessie doesn't understand why Keesha wants to target Angie. He would rather her nominate someone who is definitely targeting Keesha, like Libra. Jessie says that if Keesha nominates Libra, she will be evicted, and Keesha won't have to worry about Libra targeting her in the future. Jessie wants Keesha to nominate Dan as a pawn next to Libra. Keesha wants to choose a side in the house, but she knows that the side that she doesn't pick will come after her next week.

Time for the nominations ceremony! Memphis hopes that Angie isn't nominated since he is aligned with her. Angie knows that she will probably be nominated, but she hopes that Keesha knows that there are bigger targets in the house. Jessie feels safe and thinks that Keesha should nominate Dan and Libra this week. Libra hopes that Keesha doesn't hold Libra doubting her against her because she is normally very loyal to people.

Order of keys: Dan, Renny, April, Memphis, Ollie, Libra, Jerry, and Michelle, leaving Angie and Jessie nominated for eviction. Keesha nominated Angie for letting Steven take the blunt for aligning with Brian. Keesha nominated Jessie because he was ultimately responsible for Steven's eviction last week. Dan is thrilled that he escaped nomination this week by laying low. Keesha says that Jessie's arrogance made him a target. Michelle wants to win PoV more than anything for targeting her allies. Jessie is shocked that Keesha nominated him.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Angie or Jessie from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell Keesha and her side to vote out Jessie?


BTW, doesn't Ollie look like Barry Bonds and Keesha look like Rebecca Romijn (besides Danielle)?

Anonymous said...

i agree they need to get jessie out now!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there will be a twist this week. They haven't had one yet.
Kind of like James last year.

I think it would be funny if they kept both Angie and Jessie.

The house is too one sided which makes it kind of boring. It will be that way for at least 2 more weeks unless BB stirs the pot. If you're listening BB...