Thursday, July 31, 2008

7/31 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Angie doesn't mind campaigning against Jessie this week in order to stay in the house. Jessie hopes that he has nothing to worry about this week. Keesha is confident that Angie will be evicted. Michelle is really upset that she has to choose between Angie and Jessie this week, the only people that she cares about in the game.

Angie tried to work Jerry for a vote. Jerry says that he will do whatever the house wants him to do, but he has considered voting Jessie out. He also told her that he doesn't like the way Jessie, Memphis, and Michelle thought they were running the house last week. Memphis is worried that Jerry and some others are trying to get Jessie evicted this week. He told Keesha, who seemed surprised by this.

Angie told Michelle about what Jerry said about her, which made her livid. Meanwhile, Jerry denied saying anything positive to Angie about her safety this week. Michelle then confronted Jerry about his comment. Jerry didn't want to hear anything that Michelle had to say and started arguing with her.

Earthquake! The HG were very startled by the earthquake, especially since most of the HG have never experienced one. Jerry thought someone ran into the house and that there wasn't an earthquake. Memphis found humor at Jerry's statement.

Libra looked out the window to see Jessie laying outside, and Jessie waved goodbye to her, meaning that she would be leaving soon. Jessie can't believe that Libra is still in the house when she is the sneakiest person in the house. Libra is very sick of Jessie's arrogance. Renny says that she has never met someone so disrespectful. Jessie then called Jerry "Father Time." Keesha is almost ready to tell everyone to evict Jessie this week.

April, Libra, and Ollie really want Jessie out now. Keesha doesn't understand why Jessie is being so arrogant because she can get the votes to have him evicted. Julie informed us that the banner had nothing to do with BB. (After further investigation, it seems that it said "Happy Birthday Keesha. We love you!")

Time for the live voting! The votes are as follows: Memphis - Angie, Michelle - Angie, Jerry - Angie, Renny - Angie, Libra - Angie, April - Angie, Ollie - Angie, and Dan - Angie. Julie finally told Dan that she isn't "Mrs. Chen." By a unanimous vote, Angie has been evicted from the BB house.

America's Player is Dan! Dan accepted the offer.

Time for the HoH competition! It's endurance this week. HG all are standing on a narrow building ledge. A few moments into the competition, the building shook, dumping soot on the HG. Julie claims that more surprises are on the way. The last HG standing will win HoH! I'll keep you updated throughout the night as to how the competition is going.

First AP task: Who should Dan try to get nominated? Text or go to for free voting.

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Find out Sunday!


Anonymous said...

These guys are idiots for not evicting Jessie

Anonymous said...

once again, big brother has their hand in how the show is going...I know they tried to get things back to the way the show use to be, after the last few disaters of seasons, but most likely my last season( and believe me I LOVED THE SHOW) I dont really watch anymore, just check the updates

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me why they didn't evict Jessie????

Anonymous said...

BB10 is hard for me to watch, because there is NO ONE that I like. Kinda sad because I have watched and loved every other season.

The sooner April and Libra are gone...the better!