Friday, August 1, 2008

7/31-8/1 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-7:00 AM

April seen here rummaging through her HoH gifts.

Libra doesn't think that BB shows the HoH competition on the feeds. April told Keesha that she won HoH for her since her birthday is this week because she didn't want her to have a bad birthday. Michelle is really upset for not winning HoH. Jessie is mad because the competition was made for a woman to win and wasn't fair.

Memphis swears that the earthquake was real, while most of the house seems to think it was fake. April received her HoH bedroom. Her gifts included: an Air Supply CD, beer, hair dye, Nebraska clothes, pictures of her family and friends, and straws. She also received a letter from home which made her both cry and laugh.

Today (Friday) is Keesha's birthday. At midnight, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Dan was called the the DR late last night to receive his AP task, and everyone immediately joked around, saying that he is AP.

April is mad that Keesha has been hanging out with Memphis recently. April is also mad because she claims that the competition was "set up" for the other side to win. @@ April says that she will nominate Jessie and Memphis because she doesn't want Jessie to save Memphis with the PoV.

Keesha wishes that she had backdoored April last week. She is worried that April will nominate her next to Memphis. She told Renny that she wants Memphis to stay this week. Dan wants April to nominate Jessie this week. (It looks like America picked Jessie to be nominated.) April is worried about Jessie throwing a fit for getting nominated.

Keesha felt bad for Angie, especially after her eviction speech. Keesha and Libra were the last ones asleep last night at around 3:45 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

How does Jessie figure the competition was made for a woman?? Is there nothing he will whine about??

Anonymous said...

Hey bloggs Captain. Please let us know if BB tells these fools in the house that it WAS an actual earthquake, and what the reaction of these imbeciles that believe it was FAKE is/was.

What part of the house and ground shaking did these intellectuals not thinjk was real.

Much appreciated chief, and good job as usual.


Anonymous said...

I don't think there has ever been a season where the HG just follow the leader. Dan was the only one who didn't when the majority wanted Brian gone, and now he's basically hiding. So basically, if you are HOH, your bidding gets done and everyone is just hoping that they win before they are gone? Jeez, just put up one HG for eviction then.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%,,,even when it is a tie,,,it has been set up that way so the HOH will break it. Why even bother with the vote?

Samantha said...

I was literally just having this conversation last night with my boyfriend. It's getting pretty boring with the house voting unanimously for one person. Then BB shows all the clips of people thinking they should evict the OTHER person, so you get your hopes up a little and then they ALL vote the same way. BB better throw some twist in there soon!

Anonymous said...

These people have no backbone. Not one can think for themselves! It is getting boring. HOH says I want this one out and they all do it. Dumn! The figure stick your neck out and get it chopped off. This is the first BB I have seen that they are follow the leader of the week spineless wimps! WHERE IS EVIL DICK, lol! He never kissed arse and he won, lol!

Anonymous said...

Dan is the only one in there I like. April and Libra are so annoying with ther follow everyone around and make sure we know what is going on BS. Jessie is still there and I am hoping he stays to win HOH just so he can put up Libra. She votes for Angie to leave after Jessie says BYE BYE to her like she is next to go. Is he stupid, he almost blew it right there but he didn't because not one of them can do anything the HOH doesn't want!

Anonymous said...

IM bored to with the hoh stuff and i finally got showtime after dark, i fall asleep to it so far this is a boring season, i cant wait for someone to stir the pot! Go Dan!!!

uneedleme said...

This is a very BORING group of people.There is absolutely nothing
worth watching. Past two BBs had a more interesting group of people. I am so sick of people commenting that someone didn't wash their hands or picked their nose ( Adam did both last season and Hmmm didn't he win!!!). I can honestly say I don't watch on TV, I use these sites to see what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Definately BORING! CBS needs to do some things to liven it up. Like scavenger hunts. Clues to something around the house. This way we can be involved with trying to figure stuff out too.
They also aren't giving them very much alcohol. I enjoyed the nightly beer pong from BB8.
So many things CBS could be doing to liven up the show. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

The only one I like is Dan, and it seems BB is messing him up. Couldn't BB have been alittle more slick when giving dan his assignments, like inviting others to the diary room. This season is lame with everyone being together on the vote. Ialso don't get Keesha talking about how she shook up the game by getting Angie voted out. Was Angie some kinda big threat? I don't think so.-she (Keesha) is just a dizzy blonde.

Anonymous said...

I think Keesha was threatened by Angie as a person not a player. She obviously wanted her out because she was jealous, not because of game play. It may backfire on her.

Let the backstabbing begin.

Anonymous said...

I think all the girls in the house were threatened by Angie, she was the only one of them who could think for herself. I dont understand how they cast this show, seasons 1-7 where AWSOME, those people were actually game players, not in there looking for hookups or to bully people around. I cant take it anymore.