Thursday, July 31, 2008

7/30-31 Live Feeds: 1:00 PM-8:00 AM

Jessie and Michelle seen here relaxing in the spa.

Angie and Memphis think that the house is stupid for wanting Angie out this week. Memphis thinks that some of the people on Keesha's side want Jessie out, but they think that they can just get him out next week. Jerry will eventually apologize to Memphis for calling him a womanizer, but he also wants an apology from Memphis for attacking him.

The HG were on the Craig Ferguson show again. Apparently, the HG will be seen weekly on the show. Jerry and Memphis finally apologized to each other. April is mad that Jerry apologized after telling her that he wouldn't. Dan and Libra don't think that Jerry's apology was genuine. Most of Keesha's side thinks that Jerry has some sort of deal with Jessie's side, which is why Jerry apologized. Some of the HG also have become aggravated because Jerry never washes his hands after he uses the restroom.

Jerry told his alliance that he apologized to Memphis because he felt the womanizer comment affected Memphis' character. Jerry still wants Memphis out though. Renny is still upset with Jerry and considers his apology as a betrayal to their alliance. April almost hopes that Memphis wins HoH because he will nominate Jerry.

Jerry told Libra that he wants to meet up with her after the show at least once a month since they live so close to each other. Jerry thinks that BB has 28 million viewers. @@ - It has around 6.3 million right now. Ollie thinks that everyone in the house has an extreme opinion on a certain issue. Libra says that hers is politics, and Keesha says that hers is on animals.

Angie tried to get Ollie's vote, but he didn't commit to anything. Michelle is upset that one of her friends will be evicted this week. Memphis says that he is nominating April and Libra if he wins HoH next week. He wants to save Jerry for later in the game. Angie agrees.

Jessie and Michelle were the last ones asleep last night at around 2:40 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

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