Saturday, August 2, 2008

8/2 Live Feeds: 5:00AM-2:00PM

Renny talking game with April and Keesha in the HoH Bedroom.

Following a long night, BB let the houseguests sleep in pretty late. BB did not wake the HGs up until noon BB time.

Libra, Keesha, and April talked game in the HoH room. They think there may be a connection between Ollie and Jessie. Keesha thinks Ollie knows the three girls will be tight until the end, and he needs a back up plan to get to the end. They invite Ollie upstairs to talk about Jessie but Renny interrupts and talk quickly shifts.

Dan told the HoH crew that Jessie came to him asking for his word. Dan says he won't give his word. Dan told Jessie he would vote with the house which pissed Jessie off. April says Memphis already won a 50,000 dollar car and if he got 2nd place he would be getting 100,000 total. She thinks this isn't fair to everyone else. She wanted to make clear however that her mind isn't made up. If Jessie continues to do what he is doing, things might have to change.


Anonymous said...

This isn't Big Brother. It's the Libra show. Everything revolves around Libra, her feelings and her opinions. And I'm sorry folks, but Keesha is the village idiot. I agree with those who say they can only tolerate Dan. This is the worst cast in BB history, including the horrible cast this past Spring.

BB just hasn't been the same since E.D.

uneedleme said...

I agree-- Next BB (if there is one)
they should pick ultimate fans. Those who have watched just about every season and know how to play the game. That would make me want to watch again.

Anonymous said...

Jessie needs to put on his high
horse and rode right out of BB !

Anonymous said...

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