Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7/29 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Angie or Jessie from eviction? Let's find out!

Angie wasn't surprised that she got nominated. Jessie felt disrespected by Keesha since he has done nothing but show her respect. Memphis doesn't understand why Keesha nominated Angie and Jessie when neither of them were targeting her. Keesha thinks that Jessie nominated Steven for no reason last week, so she nominated him this week. Jessie thinks that Michelle will be nominated if he wins the PoV.

Keesha thinks that the house is divided now. Jerry doesn't like Memphis and thinks that he is a tough competitor. He called Memphis a "womanizer" since he is a bartender at his age. Jessie told Keesha that he doesn't have any hard feelings against her. He told her that Libra was responsible for Steven being nominated last week. Keesha doesn't know if she can backdoor Libra because she made a promise to never nominate her. Jessie says that Libra won't be able to do anything about it because she will be evicted. Jessie told Michelle that Libra will be backdoored this week.

Jessie doesn't care who gets selected to play for PoV this week. He doesn't feel threatened by anyone in the house. PoV players: Keesha picked Libra, Angie picked Ollie, and Jessie picked Memphis. Keesha chose Dan to host. Keesha wants to win the PoV so that she can decide if it is used this week. Angie knows that she needs to win in order to survive. Jessie plans on fighting with his all to win and believes that he can.

Time for the PoV competition! HG were all dressed in flower costumes. They each layed in a flower box and were watered by a small tube sprinkling water on their forehead. The object was to get watered for exactly one hour. The HG who left their flower bed closest to one hour without going over would win the PoV!

Libra didn't know what strategy to use for the competition. Angie felt like she was getting a brain freeze the entire time. Memphis planned on counting to 3,600, since 3,600 seconds equaled one hour. 18 minutes into the competition, the HG not playing in the PoV competition covered the HG playing with worms. Ollie was terrified by the worms. Keesha tried not to think about the worms but dropped out of the competition after 22 minutes.

Libra felt the pressure to win for her alliance after Keesha dropped out. Jessie got Libra to admit that she told him to nominate Steven last week. After 44 minutes, compost was dumped on the HG playing for PoV. Ollie hated the smell. Libra was next to get out at what she thought was around 55 minutes. Jessie immediately got out after her in order to prevent Libra from winning. Angie thought that she had a shot at winning after Jessie and Libra got out, so she dropped out. Ollie and Memphis dropped out right after her.

Time for the results! It was revealed that Keesha won! Everyone else had gone over by at least 15 minutes. Angie was shocked. Keesha thought that she was in a good spot by winning both HoH and PoV. Jessie still isn't giving up.

Angie feels a small connection to Keesha because they were both close to Steven. Angie told Keesha to save Jessie with the PoV and backdoor Libra. Angie cannot stand Libra and wants the house to decide whether to keep her or Libra in. Keesha talked to April about backdooring Libra. April knows that many people want Libra out, so getting her out would help their alliance. Ollie doesn't want to be affiliated with Libra either.

Keesha is really considering backdooring Libra. She regrets aligning with Libra in the first place. Keesha told Jessie that he has nothing to worry about this week because her alliance will vote Angie out. Jessie once again tried to convince Keesha to backdoor Libra. Jessie talked and talked, but Keesha continued to stand by her agreement to Libra.

America's Player is back! It's only for one week this season though. America gets to choose its player as well! Either text or go to http://www.cbs.com/bigbrother/ to vote for free.

Jessie doesn't understand why Keesha is so unwilling to break her word to Libra. Keesha is really annoyed by Jessie's contant whining about backdooring Libra. What do you know? Jessie is back again. He claims that he can't eat or sleep knowing that Libra will still be in the house next week. Keesha has had enough, so she told everyone that she will not be backdooring Libra because she gave her word to her.

The banners have returned! BB immediately put the HG on indoor lockdown. The HG claimed that it said something about Libra. Michelle lied to Keesha's side, saying the banner said "Libra's a liar. Love, Steven." Memphis said that Michelle was lying, but the banner definitely said it said something about Libra being a liar. Libra doesn't understand why everyone is after her this week. Memphis finally blew up on Jerry for calling him a womanizer. Jerry just stared at him and wasn't fased by Memphis at all.

Keesha is thrilled that she has all the power this week, but she doesn't like how everyone has been driving her crazy. Angie would love for Keesha to backdoor Libra because she would have a better chance of staying against Libra than Jessie. Jessie thinks that Keesha should do the same.

Time for the PoV ceremony! Keesha chose not to use the PoV since she doesn't feel comfortable nominating someone else. Keesha is pleased with her decision to keep her word to Libra. Libra feels that she owes Keesha for keeping her safe this week. Angie hopes that Jessie will blow up this week so she can start convincing people to evict him. Jessie thinks that the house is stupid if they don't evict him this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I kind of was pulling in the begining of the show for Memphis and then they showed his blowup with Jerry. I get it that Jerry proably should'nt have said that but what a punk Memphis is. I liked the way Jerry kept his cool. I know it probably won't be long before Jerry is gone but he showed he can stay cool under pressure.

Anonymous said...

The banner said Happy Birthday Renny. We <3 you. Nothing about Libra being a liar.

Anonymous said...

So which one's gonna do America's dirty work? >:)

Samantha said...

Why can't Eric just come back and be America's Player? LOL I miss him. :(

Genevere said...

I miss Eric too! I was really surprised when Keesha won POV and started to give her a little respect till I saw HOW she won! As annoying as Jesse is he has a point and Keesha is very dumb for her nominations. She'll be going home soon because of it.

Anonymous said...

On the Memphis blowup, he was right in what he said about Jerry being married and grabbing boobs on the show, also, other comments made about Jerry on After Dark is all he does is try to get with the girls. And on the show the other day Memphis was talking about how he had be really hurt in a relationship so he was prob. really pissed about Jerrys comment and he is right, Jerry doesnt know him, I say good for Memphis and standing up for himself, especially when some people will see it as an attack on the "old man" who is a self procalimed great player and will turn the house upside down. Whatever, Jerry gets on my nervs

Anonymous said...

Memphis is a jerk and will be up on the block next against Jessie.

spiddy said...
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Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY agree with Memphis in his Jerry argument. Memhis rules. Not saying i love his alliance because I don't. I think Jessie is conceited and I'm SO tired of hearing about his workout routine and how he lost 10 pounds because big mean scary Keesha scares him?!?! But anyway home fry who just talked about the Mepmhis blowup is RIGHT ON