Friday, April 11, 2008

4/11 Live Feeds: 3:00AM-6:00PM

What a boring day in the Big Brother House. After an early morning veto competition, the houseguests got some much needed rest. Big Brother woke the houseguests up at about 1:30PM and since then not much has occured. One thing is for sure, Natalie is the main target this week. It seems,as of now, it will be a 2-0 vote for Natalie to be evicted. However, with so much time until eviction anything could happen. For the past 30 minutes the live feeds have been down for an unknown reason.


Anonymous said...

Natalie is D U Triple N

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Adam plan on backstabbing Sheila haha - Sharon will be evicted, Sheila talks to much, those " boys " know Sheila wants them to get Natalie out cuz Sheila is working with Sharon and thinks she'll get all the votes for backdooring Nat

lostnma said...

Did you actually hear Ryan and Adam saqy this without Nat around? or is this your belief?