Monday, April 7, 2008

4/7 Live Feeds: 3:00AM-3:00PM

Big Brother woke the houseguests up at about 10:30am. Shortly there after, Big Brother called for an outdoor lockdown. James played golf, and Natalie and Sheila sunbathed and talked about targets for next week.

The three girls talked. They think Adam did not nominate James because he was trying to get James’ jury vote. Sheila isn’t buying it because she thinks the jury will vote for who they like the most. Sharon said if she wins HoH that she will nominate the “boys” I assume she is talking about Ryan and Adam. Natalie thinks Sheila will be in the final 3. Sheila says she is nervous for the final three competitions because the are so crucial. Sheila and Sharon continued to talk game. Sheila thinks Natalie is full of shit. She thinks Natalie will take the guys to the end because that is who Natalie can beat. Natalie joins the conversation and did admit that the guys were trying to get her to nominate Sheila and Sharon. Sheila cries because she is scared. She doesn’t know who to trust etc.

They switch to silly talk. They talk about their first time having sex and talk about one night stands. Sharon said she made Jacob wait until they were 19 to have sex. She wanted to make sure they knew what they were doing before they did it. Sheila said she made a guy wait 15 years for sex. Sharon continues to talk about Jacob. Jacob got texts from another girl. She says Jacob and she were practically married. Jacob decided to cheat on Sharon and in November chose the other girl over Sharon. I guess Jacob was jealous because Sharon had guy friends. He decided to get revenge by cheating on her.

Besides that, not much is occurring. They continue to talk about relationships and life outside of the house. Do not expect much in the coming days. James doesn’t seem to be campaigning much.

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