Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/8-9 Live Feeds: 3:00 PM-3:00 AM

Sheila cut Sharon's hair. Adam his received his HoH camera and wrote his HoH blog. James asked everyone if they are working with Natalie, and they all agreed that they were. Natalie claims that BB made her highlight her hair before entering the house. Adam suggests nominating Natalie and Sharon, then Sheila if PoV is used next week. He and Ryan agree that Sheila will throw the next HoH competition since she is playing both sexes of the house. Sheila knows that she will be evicted next unless she starts winning something.

Ryan told Sharon that he will throw the next HoH competition to her if it comes down to only them. Sharon and Sheila tried to convince Adam and Ryan that Natalie is the biggest threat left in the game and needs to be targeted next week. Sheila wants to go to the finals with Adam, especially since they were originally soulmates. Sheila thinks that Sharon will win the game. She, Adam, and Ryan all agree that they wouldn't vote for Natalie to win the game. Sheila confirmed that Natalie lied about being a cheerleader just so Matt would like her.Sheila wants to backdoor Natalie next week instead of nominating her at first so she won't try as hard for the PoV.

Natalie gave Adam and Ryan a haircut. Adam and Sheila agree that they need to target the other two women during the next two weeks. James is excited to go to the jury house to finally have some fun. He also dyed his hair pink again. He asked Ryan why he isn't voting for him to stay this week after he told James that he would have his back in the game following James breaking the tie to evict Matt instead of Ryan a few weeks ago. Ryan said that it would not be beneficial for him to keep James this week. James again told Sheila that he is rooting for her to win the game. He is currently the only HG still awake.

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