Sunday, April 6, 2008

4/6 Live Feeds: 10:00AM-1:00PM

Sharon and Ryan talked in the backyard. They think they are in a perfect situation. Sharon thinks Sheila would nominate Adam should Sheila win HoH. Ryan agrees. They get a little of topic when Sharon tells Sheila her butt is missing. They start talking game again. Sharon warns Ryan to be careful when talking to Sheila and Adam because Sheila and Adam talk to each other. Ryan says he tells Adam everything.

James and Sheila join Ryan and Sharon. James tells Sheila that her speeches are really good. James seems teary-eyed at this point. He tells her that she could get anyone to use the veto on her. James then tells her that Natalie is the biggest threat in the game and Sheila totally agrees. James says he would vote for Sheila should she make it to the finals. Sharon said she would too and Sheila is surprised.

James says the DR is mad at him because he did not try to get Natalie nominated. James wants to go off on Natalie and asks Adam if Adam would get mad if James did so. Adam says no. James starts to pick on Natalie asking her why she hasn’t been working out ever since Matt left. James explains to the others why he is mad at Natalie. He says Natalie said she wanted to work with him but then went off on him behind his back. James says he is not like Chelsia. He won’t go off on her religion/abortions but will go off on her.

Natalie thinks James is making fun of her and that everyone is laughing at her. Sharon tells James this and James thinks it is funny. James tells Sharon not to laugh because Natalie could be a benefit to Sharon in the game. Natalie says James is a liar and manipulator. Ryan says only 3 more days.

The houseguests are enjoying a nice day. They are being called to the DR one by one. Ryan made burgers and hotdogs for everyone. Expect James to be going off on Natalie all week!


Anonymous said...

What is a religious abortion? Is this something that could end the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate once and for all? Halleluja!

Anonymous said...

So Natalie had her abortion 3-4 years ago (she's not sure), but she's still lactating. The only way it is possible for her to maintain her milk supply is either from breast feeding or breast pumping. Why would she be doing this? For reasons of vanity (large supple breasts) or profitability (selling her milk)? Is God telling her to do this? I love Christians!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...they are so Christainly.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between Natalie and Amber is that Natalie actually was a model (of sorts). They are both really dumb, both are psychotic, they both had abortions and used the situation for gain, they both identify themselves as "the good people," they both claim to be devout Christians, and they both conversate directly with God (out loud). Amazingly, one was very unpopular and the other much more. Coincidently, one was not attractive and the other somewhat attractive with large (milk filled) breasts. God bless America!

Anonymous said...

Her other reason is to SQUIRT it at people and to be a FREAK SHOW to guys to get their sexual attention. BLECHHHH!