Sunday, April 6, 2008

4/6 Show Recap

Who will Adam nominate? Let's find out!

Sheila thought that Joshuah would go off on the house when he was evicted. Ryan thought Joshuah's exit speech was cheesy since he hasn't had dignity throughout the game. James says that by his allies being evicted, he is getting stronger in the game. Sharon was really sad to see Joshuah evicted since she had gotten so close to him in the house. Adam couldn't believe how upset Sharon got. He claims that he is more confident in his duties as HoH this time around. Natalie claims that she had a dream that Adam won HoH, and it came true! She thinks that God is talking to her. @@ James was upset since another ally of his would probably be evicted this week. Sheila doesn't feel safe with Adam as HoH since he is always "joking" about nominating her. Adam received some flowers in addition to the pictures and letter from his family in his HoH bedroom. Natalie told Adam that she is sticking with him and Ryan and not Sheila. Ryan agrees that Sheila will be the first HG off Team Christ evicted. After seeing James by himself, Adam felt bad since James knows that he will be targeted once again this week. James claims that he will survive this week and end up winning the game.

Adam, James, and Ryan toilet-papered Sheila's bedroom since she hasn't done a whole lot in the game yet. Natalie then jumped out of a trash can and scared her. Sheila was pleasantly amused and blamed Adam for the recent pranks. She is used to the pranks since she has three brothers and a son who have always pranked her. She has really been missing her son lately, and Adam has been comforting her. Sheila says that Adam is the only one she can talk to about her son. Sharon formed an alliance with Ryan to be the final two. Ryan says that Sharon has replaced Joshuah for him. Adam is thinking about nominating Sheila instead of James this week.

Sharon has been taking care of James now that Joshuah has been evicted. James is grateful for her assistance. Ryan hated being on slop last week so it is essential for him to perform well during this week's food competition! Speaking of which, now is that time! As a team, HG had to fill as many containers labeled with various food groups and luxury items with gravy. However, they had to build tracks of mashed potatoes for the gravy to flow through. They only had ten minutes to fill as many containers as they could. If they failed to fill a single container, they would receive slop and mashed potatoes for the week. HG received meats and fish, desserts and snacks, outdoor toys, dairy and eggs, bread and pasta, and a BBQ grill. They failed to receive fruits and veggies, beer and soda, and a gourmet feast.

James wanted to show Adam that he hasn't crossed him once in the game. Ryan overheard Adam and James talking, which got him nervous about Adam not nominating James. Adam wants to nominate Sharon and Sheila now. Natalie and Ryan tried to convince Adam to do otherwise because if James wins PoV and saves Sharon, Adam has to nominate either Natalie or Ryan, who would be be evicted since James and Sharon would have the majority of votes. Adam talked again with James, and Natalie broke up their talk. Adam and Natalie immediately sided against James, which prompted him to break down and cry. Even Adam started to cry. Natalie left, and Adam realized that James would never turn against him if he kept him in the house this week. James promised not to use the PoV, and Adam agreed to nominate Sheila instead of him.

James hopes that he got through to Adam this week. Ryan knows that he and Natalie are in a bad position this week if James is not nominated. Adam has been hearing everyone tell him what is best for them regarding this week's nominations, but he needs to do what is best for himself. Order of keys: Natalie, Ryan, and James, leaving Sharon and Sheila nominated for eviction. Adam wanted everyone to try during the PoV competition, which is why he nominated Sheila instead of James for eviction this week. Sheila told Adam that he is the biggest jerk in the house. She was heartbroken because she would have never nominated Adam. James loved to be safe this week and plans on sticking with Adam for the duration of the game. Ryan thinks that Adam has made three enemies in exchange for one friend this week. Natalie can't believe that Adam fell for James' antics.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Sharon or Sheila from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


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