Monday, April 7, 2008

4/7 Live Feeds: 3:00-7:00 PM

Adam and Ryan are worried that Sharon is trying to bring Natalie and Sheila over to her side. They want to target her next week. Sheila doesn't trust Natalie completely and would rather go to the finals with Sharon than Natalie. Sheila doesn't think she would win in the finals though since she already has three enemies on the jury: Chelsia, James, and Joshuah. She doesn't want to win HoH next week since she is playing both sides of the house. James plans on making fun of Natalie for the duration of the week.

James and Sheila agree that Natalie will nominate Sharon and Sheila if she wins HoH next week. She thinks that Adam and Ryan want to bring Natalie to the final three, but James doesn't think so since neither of them wouldn't be able to beat her in the finals. James seems like he wants Sheila to do well in the game, and he plans on getting into Natalie's head so she will be too rattled for the next HoH competition. Ryan is still feeling sore.

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Anonymous said...

The lines have been drawn for next's Adam and Ryan vs. Sheila and Sharon with Natalie leaning to the guys side. If Ryan wins HoH, Natalie will have her boobs bouncing and be hugging Ryan as if this is exactly what she wanted. If Sharon or Sheila win she'll act as though it was girl-power all the way. If Natalie wins HoH, look out, she'll be freakin like they was givin away free abortions down at the clinic.