Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/19-20 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-8:00 AM

April and Ollie pictured here doing more than just cuddling!

Dan says that he isn't ready to have kids because he doesn't want to have to give up his life yet. Libra says that she and her husband still very much have a life. They go on trips by themselves on occasion and just leave the young kids at home with relatives. The HG put on a talk show, which was quite hysterical. I'm sure it will be on the show sometime this week. Dan hosted, and many of the HG were his guests.

Jessie and Michelle think that one of them will win the game. Neither want Angie to win. Keesha says that Michelle reminds her of Amber (BB8). Me too! Michelle mentions something about being held hostage at the JFK airport in New York City. The airport was shut down for eight hours because someone had brought a bomb in.

Sex on Day 12! April and Ollie were seen last week kissing and cuddling, and this week, it seems to have moved on to sex. April doesn't want to look like the girl with the "showmance." April then says that she wants to get "freaky" with Ollie more often. He told her to wait until the jury house. The two then talk strategy, and they both agree that Steven has to go this week. April knows that Jessie and Memphis are close. They agree that they need to stick with Libra until the end.

Michelle was the last one asleep tonight at around 2:30 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

wow the preacher's son...first to have sex..way to represent the Lord! hm

Anonymous said...

this dude is a pure bullshitter he needs to go!

Anonymous said...

No drinking, smoking, or swearing...Ollie skips right to the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

April is a Whore! ! !

Anonymous said...

april is a whore

Anonymous said...

I agree ann. 114. He was the firt to turn on his alliance too.