Saturday, July 26, 2008

7/26 Live Feeds: 5:00 AM-1:00 PM

Michelle pictured here after returning from a morning of sunbathing. Most of the HG have been doing the same this morning.

April was the first one up today at around 10:20 AM. Libra found a huge cockroach in the bathroom and freaked. Jerry killed it for her.

Memphis talked with Keesha. Memphis doesn't like the people that Keesha seems to trust and hates how they are always around her and probably feeding her lies. He said that Angie and Jessie are not after Keesha and won't be next week if she backdoors someone in one of their places. Memphis says that he would have saved Jessie had he won the PoV. Memphis would love to see Jerry or Libra backdoored. Keesha trusts Memphis and knows that a lot of people want Libra out.

Memphis asked that if Keesha keeps the nominations the same, that Angie be evicted. Keesha agrees and already has had Jerry and Renny give her their word that they will evict Angie. Memphis is still afraid that someone on Keesha's side will point out that Jessie is a much bigger threat than Angie, so he should be evicted this week.

Jessie again talked to Keesha about using the PoV. Jessie thinks that Keesha will be targeted if Jessie is evicted this week. Memphis then told Keesha that he overheard Jerry telling Angie that she may have the votes to stay this week. Keesha confronted Jerry about it but he denied saying anything of the sort. (I don't think Jerry actually said that. He was talking to Angie, but I think he was trying to pep her up, not campaign for her safety.)

Angie told Jessie that Jerry didn't tell her that she had the votes to stay this week. Memphis and Michelle insisted that they heard otherwise.

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