Thursday, July 24, 2008

7/24 Live Feeds: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Keesha pictured her discussing her possibilities for nominations with April, Libra, and Ollie.

Jessie told Dan that Keesha is planning on nominating him and Angie. Keesha told April that she is nominating Angie and Memphis. She wants to bring Dan into their alliance since Libra will probably be nominated next week. April discovered that another fish has died. Memphis told Keesha that Angie would have nominated April and Libra, not Keesha. Memphis wants to work with Keesha in the future and doesn't want her to screw that up by nominating him this week. Memphis promised not to use the PoV to save Angie if he isn't nominated. Memphis suggested nominating Dan next to Angie.

The food competition was played, and it doesn't seem that anyone is on slop this week. It seems that the house can only eat beef, beer, bread, broccoli, brownies, chicken, coffee, fruits, granola, juice, milk, pigs feet, raisins, and maybe some other foods. Libra says that she will not eat pigs feet. Memphis was mad because it seems Jerry and Renny prevented the house from winning some better foods. He wants one of them evicted this week.

Jessie tried to convince Keesha to nominate Dan and Libra. Keesha doesn't want to nominate either of them, especially Libra since she has had a deal with her since the beginning of the game. Keesha then talks to April about it, and April doesn't want Libra nominated. Keesha then suggests nominating Angie and Jessie. April agreed, so Keesha told Jerry and Libra of her new plan. Jerry really liked it and wants to align with April, Keesha, and Libra. Dan, Ollie, and Renny also seem to be part of the alliance. Jerry told them that their biggest threat is Memphis, but he will go along with getting Angie evicted this week.

Keesha told Dan that he is safe this week. Keesha and Renny made a vow to stick with each other until the end. Angie and Michelle think that Angie and Libra will be nominated. The feeds have been blocked since 4:55 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return!

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