Thursday, July 24, 2008

7/23-24 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-9:00 AM

Here are some of Keesha's HoH gifts.

April is upset at how BB is portraying her. (She knows about BB showing Jerry fondling her boobs. In addition, since Julie asked her about Ollie, she knows that BB showed her kissing Ollie.) Jerry is upset about Libra blaming him for her being on slop again. Keesha told Libra that she would nominate Angie. Libra wants Memphis to be nominated next to Angie, but Keesha likes Memphis too much to nominate him. Keesha promised Jerry that she wouldn't nominate him this week.

Keesha moved into her HoH bedroom. She received pictures from her family, hair dye, a Dixie Chicks CD, one of her dog's toys, a blanket, snacks, and a letter from home. Keesha was excited to have received Lucky Charms. One of the pictures was of her nephew that was born after she had left for the show. Renny stayed with Keesha as she read her letter. Keesha thanked her and told her that she is the only person left in the house that she can completely trust.

Ollie thinks that Dan won't be the target if he is nominated. Dan told Ollie that he is safe if he wins HoH next week. Keesha told Memphis that she will probably nominate Angie. Memphis tried to talk her out of it and then told Jessie and Michelle of Keesha's plan. They were pretty pissed. Jessie tried to persuade Keesha to nominate Libra. Keesha told Dan that she respects him because he is one of the few people that won't suck up to her this week.

Keesha told Libra that she made friends with Steven because April and Libra were closer to each other than to Keesha. Libra apologized for making Keesha think that she couldn't trust her. Keesha tells Libra that she trusts her more than April. After further discussing it, Keesha seems confident that she will nominate Angie and Memphis this week. She is thinking about making a one-week deal with Dan to secure her safety the next time he wins HoH. After a long talk, Keesha and Libra finally go to bed just before 4:00 AM.

BB woke the HG up at 8:45 AM this morning.


Anonymous said...

April is upset at how BB is portraying her. (She knows about BB showing Jerry fondling her boobs. In addition, since Julie asked her about Ollie, she knows that BB showed her kissing Ollie.)

Why is April so stupid? BB isn't "portraying" her a certain way, that's the way she acting. If she doesn't want this shit on TV then don't do them. God! do these people forget that there are cameras EVERYWHERE and people that have the 24/7 link. God dam she is dumb

Anonymous said...

I am trying my hardest to like Keesha but she is slamming everyone in the house, then acting to each one of them as if they are the ones she trusts the most. I have to say, It will be exciting when she get's caught. Sad to say but she is just not very smart, I've come to realize..

Anonymous said...

Keesha is an idiot not to put up
Libra and April......they are
brutal and cannot be trusted ! ! !
They are absolutely no friend of
hers ! She needs to smarten up
or she will be longgggg goneeee !

Anonymous said...

The "big group" is manipulating Angie, and Keesha but "don't want them in their group". So they will continue to manipulate them unless keesha wakes up and sees what is happening

Anonymous said...

i fucking hate that bitch libra!
shes a liar and a bitch fucking get rid of her while u can

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why you think Libra is all those names that you just used? Is it because she speaks her mind and does not back down to anyone?? Does that make her bitch??? Hmmm..what do you call Renny? She is certainly stirring up the house with her lies!!

Anonymous said...

Should Keesha nominate Angie, she may not have the votes she thinks she does.

I'm not so sure that Renny and/or Jerry would vote her out.

It also wouldn't surprise me if one of the three in Angie's alliance, Jessie, Memphis, and/or Michelle threw the POV to her if she were to need it.

If that happens, Keesha's fate will be sealed.

bbfna said...

anon @ 1:11 Exactly! She's on TV. If she doesn't want to be "portrayed" a certain way don't ACT that way!!! duh LOL

Roxie said...

Ollie is kidding himself if he thinks his parents are proud of his actions in the house. I guess his d**k overrode his brains. April should not be upset because BB showed her sharing her boobs with the entire house. She asked everyone if they wanted to feel them the first night they were in the house. You know 12 strangers about 1/2 hour and you ask if they want to feel your boobs??? I don't think sooooo.