Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7/22 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Dan or Steven from eviction? Let's find out!

Dan cannot believe how much his alliance with Brian has been destroyed. Steven was annoyed by Jessie's excuse for nominating him. Libra would rather see Steven evicted because he is the stronger competitor. Jessie is sick of everyone treating him differently because he is the youngest even though he has won more competitions than everyone else. Dan hopes that he can get close to Jessie to get him further in the game. Jessie trusts Dan and respects him more than anyone else since he was loyal to Brian until Brian's eviction. Jessie told Dan that he is in trouble if Steven wins the PoV though. Steven is hurt that people in the house don't like him.

Angie knows that she is going to be targeted next if she doesn't distance herself from everyone that was close to Brian. Michelle is closest with Jessie in the house and gets along better with men than she does women in general. Memphis is also aligned with Jessie and wants to bring Angie and Michelle into their alliance. Memphis likes how Angie seems very focused in the game. He also thinks Michelle is pretty smart. Renny and Steven learned that they both lived through Hurricane Katrina. Steven likes Renny more knowing that she went through the same experience as he did. Keesha told Steven that she would try to help him stay as much as she could this week. She is even considering saving Steven should she win the PoV.

Time to pick players for the PoV competition! Steven hopes that Keesha gets selected to play. Jessie picked Michelle, Dan picked Libra (HG choice), and Steven picked Keesha. (Talk about a magic ping-pong ball!) Jerry was selected to host. Dan picked Libra because she wouldn't use the PoV, and Dan believes that he would stay next to Steven. Jerry was excited to host because he always wanted to be a TV host. Keesha told some of the women that she didn't want Steven out of the house. Michelle was shocked, and April wasn't sure if she could trust Keesha anymore. Michelle told Jessie and Memphis about what Keesha said, and they too were surprised.

Time for the PoV competition! Huge ID's of everyone were located in the backyard. Dan wants to continue looking like the weak guy in the house, so he plans on throwing the competition. In front of the HG were huge license plates with words on them. The words from the plates would sound to form BB-related words. When a HG figured out a word, they would earn points. The HG with the most points at the end of the competition would win!

Dan was out first, since he threw the competition. Jessie was eliminated trying to figure out the same word. Keesha finally got the first word, earning 10 points. Steven messed up on the second word, thus eliminating himself. Steven was upset and hoped that Keesha could win for him. Michelle got the word instead, also earning 10 points. The next puzzle earned you a slop pass. However, should you win the pass, you also eliminated yourself. Libra knew the answer but refused to answer. Keesha thinks that Libra was trying to make Keesha look bad for taking the slop pass by not taking it herself. Nobody elected to take it though. Libra messed up on the next puzzle, thus eliminating herself. Keesha also messed up on the same puzzle, so Michelle won the PoV!

Memphis loved that Michelle won the PoV and kept the power within their alliance. Steven knows that he has to fight hard to stay this week. Dan is planning on sitting back and letting Steven take himself down. Jessie thinks that Keesha definitely wanted to win PoV and save Steven since she didn't take the slop pass. Keesha and Renny think that Libra needs to be evicted because she is turning on Keesha. Renny loves the latest fighting in the house because it keeps the target off her. Keesha confronted the house, saying that she wouldn't use the PoV to save Steven had she won it. She is just friends with him.

Keesha told Jessie and Memphis that Libra has been turning on her and turning the house against her. Jessie knows that Libra has been stirring the pot and is nervous about her winning HoH. Memphis wants to backdoor her this week. Jessie agrees and thinks that he could get Michelle to use the PoV this week. Renny told Jerry that Libra was complaining about having Jerry and Renny on her team in the food competition. Jerry was pissed and stormed in on Libra, who immediately snapped back. Renny got into it as well.

Steven then approached Jessie and Michelle about backdooring Libra, especially with the recent drama involving her, Jerry, and Renny. Michelle didn't care how many people want Libra out because she is putting herself out there by using the PoV. Steven really tried to work Michelle, even suggesting saving Dan instead of him just to get Libra out. Michelle still wasn't sure though.

Time for the PoV ceremony! Michelle loved winning the PoV, but the choice of using it burdened her. Steven hopes that Michelle uses it on either him or Dan so that Libra can be backdoored. Dan has no idea what Michelle will do with the PoV. Michelle chose not to use the PoV, leaving Dan and Steven nominated for eviction. Dan is sure that Steven will be evicted now. Steven isn't going to give up and will do anything to stay. Michelle couldn't take the risk by making more enemies in the house by using the PoV. Keesha is going to try everything to get Dan evicted this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!

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