Friday, July 25, 2008

7/24-25 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-11:00 AM

Keesha and Renny are waiting around for the PoV competition to begin.

Jessie asked Jerry if he would vote for him to stay. Jerry said that he would have to think about it, but he doesn't like how Jessie has wanted him nominated since he is so old. Jessie denies saying anything of the sort and says that he wanted Libra nominated. Jerry says that Memphis wants him evicted even more so than Jessie. Jerry is sick of everyone calling him old and thinking that he is too weak to compete. Jessie says that he will stay away from Memphis if that makes him stay this week.

Jessie thinks that Michelle will be backdoored if PoV is used this week. Memphis doesn't think so and thinks that he can convince Keesha to backdoor someone else. Jessie thinks that Memphis may be backdoored as well. Michelle wishes that Libra had been backdoored last week now. Jerry told the women in his alliance (April, Keesha, and Libra) that they should target Jessie and Memphis this week. The women still want Angie evicted though.

Angie has been smoking since she was in high school and will quit once she gets pregnant. Keesha assured Memphis that he is safe this week, but she won't backdoor Jerry like he wants her to. Libra is mad that her personality has made her a target. Dan pointed out that she has done well in competitions too. Michelle told Jessie that she would save him with the PoV should she win it. Jessie says that he will nominate Keesha and Libra if he wins HoH next week.

Jerry claims that he ate broccoli for the first time in his life yesterday. Michelle told Keesha that she wouldn't use the PoV to save either of the two nominees if she wins it. (Liar.) Keesha says that she wants Angie out more than Jessie this week. April and Renny got into a bit of an argument. Renny saw April with Jessie and assumed that she was talking game with him.

Angie finds it hard sleeping alone after recently divorcing her husband. They were together for four years. Memphis also doesn't like sleeping without his girlfriend and says that no amount of money is worth being away from her for that long. Jessie wants to figure out a way to get Keesha to backdoor Libra this week, but Angie and Memphis want to wait until after the PoV competition.

Renny was the last one asleep last night at around 1:45 AM. BB woke the HG up at around 9:10 AM this morning. Libra is offended that Dan complimented her on her strong personality. He thinks that he is sucking up to her. BB told the HG that the PoV competition would take place in the morning rather than the afternoon. The feeds have been blocked since 10:50 AM. I'm not sure if they are picking players and coming back or if they are going right into the competition. I'll have the scoop later on.

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