Saturday, July 26, 2008

7/26 Live Feeds: 1:00-8:00 PM

Jessie and Michelle seen here playing chess, with Angie watching. This was one of the few calm moments today!

Jessie is driving me absolutely nuts. He ranted and raved to April this time about being nominated. He complained about being nominated this week after targeting who she wanted (Steven) last week. April says that she wanted Dan, Jerry, or Renny evicted last week, not Steven. She also wanted Memphis nominated instead of Jessie this week. She told Jessie that he is freaking out for no reason because Angie will be evicted this week. Even Dan got involved in the discussion and started arguing with Jessie.

Keesha had enough and finally told Jessie that he can do nothing for her to backdoor Libra this week. Jessie told Libra that he doesn't have a problem with her, but everyone else does, which is why he pushed for her nomination. @@ After hearing this, Jerry called Jessie out on it, and the guys went at it again. Libra is mad that Jessie is going off on everyone because people will probably evict him now. Keesha knows that Angie is trying to lay low, which is why she wants her evicted this week.

Jessie told Memphis that April wanted him nominated this week, which surprised Memphis. Jerry and Michelle then started arguing for no apparent reason. @@ - If Jerry's voice hurts so much, why is he always yelling at people? Michelle thinks that Jerry is mad at him since she beat him in chess. Ollie really wants Jessie out next week. He plans on nominating him next to Memphis should he win HoH.

The banners have returned! A banner plane flew over the house apparently reading: "Keesha, Libra is a liar. Love, Steven." Angie says that she wants to stay in the house, but she is fine with being evicted so she can go back to her normal life.


Anonymous said...

Jesse is an arrogant punk

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people don't like Angie. What did she do? Is it because of Brian?