Sunday, August 17, 2008

8/16 Live Feeds: 6:00 AM-10:00 PM

Keesha is seen here drinking wine in the kitchen. Is BB sure about giving the HG alcohol again?

BB woke the HG up at around 10:00 AM this morning. Dan thinks that if Jerry won HoH next week, he would nominate Dan and Memphis. Renny thinks that Jerry may decide to target the women. BB gave the HG a smaller dining table built for 8 people. Keesha isn't sure that Michelle will vote April out this week. Keesha thinks that Ollie would nominate her and Memphis if he won HoH next week. Keesha and Memphis want Ollie out next week because he is close with Michelle and Renny.

Memphis told Michelle that he doesn't really trust Dan, but he would probably nominate Dan and Jerry if he won HoH next week. Renny doesn't trust Memphis and thinks that he is closer with Michelle than he is with Keesha or Renny. Dan told Keesha that she is the only HG that he completely trusts. Renny told Dan that she still wants April evicted, so Dan is still planning on not using the PoV.

April thinks that she was nominated because of the prizes that she has won in recent weeks. She would be shocked if Michelle voted her out this week.


Anonymous said...

I think Dan's smart move would be to take Jerry off so then Jerry might show him a little respect. But since Renny won't nominate Ollie she should nominate Michelle in Jerry's place.

Anonymous said...


I WANT APRIL OUT....she thinks EVERYTHING is about HER and she is so wrong!

That is all...giggle!
***Peace Out***


Anonymous said...

Renny is smart! She sees how naive Keesha is!Renny sees how Menphis is playing Keesha.I don't trust him either.

Anonymous said...

Renny is smart! She sees how Menphis is playing naive Keesha.I don't trust him at all!!