Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8/19 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either April or Jerry from eviction? Let's find out!

Jerry isn't giving up after being nominated. Renny's target is April this week. April thinks that everyone is taking the game personally, and she doesn't think that she was nominated for strategic reasons. Ollie is thrilled that Jerry was nominated alongside April. Dan is shocked that Renny didn't nominate April and Ollie together and thinks that Renny made a deal with Ollie. Dan thinks that either he or Memphis will be nominated if PoV is used.

April was upset by being nominated, but Ollie reminded her that he will save her if he wins PoV, and both of them will be safe this week. April felt better but then realized that she needs to look upset so the other HG feel sympathy for her. Renny told Keesha that she likes Ollie too much to nominate him. Keesha doesn't understand why Renny wants to keep Ollie safe so much. Ollie has noticed that Jerry had been talking to himself lately, and he thinks that Jerry has gone crazy.

Dan hoped that Ollie would not be chosen to play for PoV. Ollie knows that he needs to be able to play for PoV to have a chance at keeping both him and April safe this week. PoV players: Renny chose Dan, April chose Keesha, and Jerry chose Ollie. Michelle was selected to host. April and Ollie were thrilled that Ollie was selected to play, while Dan, Keesha, and Memphis were nervous. The three of them still do not understand why Renny failed to nominate Ollie in the first place. Memphis doesn't trust Renny anymore.

Time for the PoV competition! The backyard was turned into a graveyard. Ollie heard crows, which scared him. In addition, voodoo dolls of the HG were also in the backyard. The HG were given five minutes to study everything in the backyard. Keesha saw a box of cockroaches and was freaked out. Both April and Jerry plan on doing anything to win the PoV. After five minutes, the HG played the competition.

Here's the rules: The HG were asked questions about various objects in the backyard. The answer would be a number. After the HG answered, their answers were revealed. The HG then decided to stay or fold. If they stayed, they could compete for a point. If they folded, they would drop out for that question but remain in the competition. The answers of the HG who stayed were the only ones that counted. The closest answer to the number would earn a point. The furthest answer would be eliminated.

Jerry earned the first point, and Renny was eliminated. April was thrilled. Ollie folded for the first two questions because he was worried that he would be eliminated, so he played it safe at first. Jerry earned the second point, and April was eliminated. Ollie really felt the pressure, especially since Jerry was only one point away from winning. Dan did not want to throw this competition because if Jerry won, then Dan would most likely be nominated.

Dan earned his first point, and Keesha was eliminated. (Jerry would have won the third point, but he folded.) Dan earned his second point since he was the only one that decided to stay for that question. Ollie knew that he needed to get the next three points since Dan and Jerry were both one away from winning. April thinks that she will be evicted if Ollie doesn't win the PoV.

Dan won his third point, winning the PoV! Jerry felt disheartened since he could have easily won. Ollie was disappointed that he let both he and April down by not winning the PoV. April will do anything to get Dan to save her with the PoV. Dan thinks that he may have to use the PoV so that Ollie can be nominated.

April still has $10,000 that she can use to bribe HG this week. She is thinking about using the money to get Dan to use the PoV on her. Dan is still mad at Renny for not nominating Ollie alongside April, so he is thinking about saving Jerry with the PoV so Ollie can be nominated. Jerry apologized to Dan for calling him "Judas" last week. Jerry knows that he is alone in the house and hopes that he can still trust Dan and Memphis. Dan thinks that he could regain Jerry as an ally by saving him with the PoV.

Dan and Memphis are worried about Ollie because they have no idea where he stands in the game. They want to evict him before he can win HoH. Renny has used her hairstyling skills to give some of the HG haircuts. The HG received a smaller dining table! Ollie knew that by getting a smaller table, the HG are getting closer to the end. Keesha can't believe how much the game changes with each eviction. Renny is glad that she doesn't have to dust the large table anymore.

April tried to convince Dan to save her with the PoV. April said that she could give him money for saving her, but he also would have both her and Ollie's word that they will keep him safe from here on out, whereas Jerry could only give his word and noone else's.

Dan hopes that Ollie will be nominated if he used the PoV, but he isn't sure if Renny would actually follow through. Renny told Dan that she doesn't have a deal with Ollie; she didn't nominate him because she likes Ollie. Dan tried to see who she would nominate if he saved Jerry, but Renny said that she would think Dan was a traitor if he used the PoV.

Dan doesn't know if he should risk using the PoV in order for Ollie to maybe be nominated. April thinks that if Dan uses the PoV on Jerry, Ollie will be nominated. Jerry hopes that Dan will save him with the PoV. Dan decided not to use the PoV, leaving the nominations stand. Dan informed the HG that he was offered money, but he didn't say who offered him money. Jerry thinks that the game will get nasty from here. Ollie is trying to stay positive, even though April is nominated. April plans on making the HG miserable if they don't vote to keep her this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!


Anonymous said...

This season is the worst. i actually gave up to watch the olympics. never thought i'd do that. i dont even really care who wins. Libra's gone and that i am happy about.

Anonymous said...

I agree I switched to the Olympics too. I really don't care anymore,,there is no one really worth my time to watch. I just read the blogs to find out what stupid comment came out of which mouth.

Anonymous said...

Definately has been a strange season. There is no bulls just a bunch of cows, lol!

BB when casting you might want to look for more interesting people like Dick and Will and Boogie and even Holly and Jase. Fun people. Intersting and strange. These people all they seem to talk is game and then don't do anything they really want to do for fear of being in the spotlight.

Dick was always in the spotlight and he won! Just seems like they are all a bunch of scared little woosies. Brian would have made the game far more intersting! Too bad boring Ollie made that a wash right off the bat and then did nothing since!!

Anonymous said...

BB will never be the same after E.D.