Monday, August 18, 2008

8/18 Live Feeds: 12:00-8:00 PM

Renny seen here sitting in her HoH bedroom.

Renny thinks that Michelle is aligned with Dan and Memphis, so she doesn't trust any of them. Keesha and Renny agree that Michelle is playing all sides of the house. Keesha thinks that Michelle is closer with April and Ollie than she is with Dan and Memphis. Renny wants to target Michelle next because Michelle would target Keesha and Renny before Dan and Memphis. Keesha told Dan that she doesn't blame anyone for offering him money in order to stay this week.

April claims that she will be evicted because she cannot be fake to people to try to win votes. @@ April thinks that Michelle is a floater and will be close to whoever wins HoH next week. Keesha doesn't understand why Michelle wants April to stay this week. Keesha told Dan and Memphis that she heard that the men are aligning to take out the women now. Dan and Memphis were upset and think that April started the rumor to stir things up.

April hopes that Jerry really annoys the HG in the coming weeks, so everyone can regret keeping him this week. Ollie will not target Jerry if he wins HoH next week. April thinks that Ollie will end up winning the game and could see him going to the final four with Memphis, Michelle, and Renny. April and Michelle noticed how Jerry has been hanging around Dan and Memphis a lot lately. They told Renny about this, and they think that those three men have aligned.

April and Ollie want to do The Amazing Race together. April thinks that Dan will be the next HG evicted, but she hopes that Keesha is. Ollie hopes that luxuries are offered in a future competition, since he hasn't won any of them yet. April thinks that Ollie should try to take Jerry or Memphis to the finals because he would win against both of them.


Anonymous said...

April thinks Michelle is a floater. Well, what the heck does she think Ollie is, for crying out loud? He hardly talks to anyone else in the house, and he doesn't do anything except lay around and pork her. He's pretty useless.

Anonymous said...

Ollie is probably the most lazy,
useless, good for nothing player
in the history of all BB shows !
He adds absolutely nothing to the
show. He does nothing and has won
nothing ! Who the heck chose him
for this show ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

I hate it when Renny makes that face. What is it when someone gets into HOH room they think they are the king shi**s of the week.

Anonymous said... has way more information then this site, I have been switching back and forth but I'm finding that other site much more interesting to read and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update 10:52, but the perdon who updates this site has put alot of time and effort into this and I for one appreciate it and have no intention of tripping to another site.

Anonymous said...

1:12 I'm not saying this "perdon" as you put it doesn't do a good job. The site looks fantastic and until I found this other site it was the only one I looked at. I'm just letting other know that there is more out there to explore and more information for those that would like it, I'm not down grading this site, as you can see, I still visit it daily I just like to see what we are not being told, that's all! To each his own!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 1:30, both sites give good info.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:30, if you're going to make fun of someone else's spelling, make sure you haven't made mistakes yourself, or else you end up looking foolish.

"has way more information then this site"

"I'm just letting other know"

"I'm not down grading"

Just my two "scents"...

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for another episode of, "How many times can I flip flop?"

I have never seen a BB house where the players have flip flopped so much. They seem to be making it up as they go.

The night Renny won HOH she told Michelle that she would vote for her to get the money because she is the real deal and she knew she wanted her to have it when she saw the pictures of Michelle's family. She claimed she knew what Michelle was about at that point.

Now Renny's telling Keesha that she wants to vote Michelle out next week because she thinks she might be aligned with Dan and Memphis. What about getting out Dan and Memphis? Not to mention that she told Michelle she sees what Keesha's doing with the guys, Dan and Memphis.

No sooner than I think somebody's got their head screwed on straight, they do or say something wacked.

Are these people for real? Only one person can win the big bucks. They need to be thinking who can they beat in the final two and if they can't, who would they want to get the money.

Who is aligned with who doesn't really matter in the BB10 house because it literally changes from week to week.

Anonymous said...

Just when u think Keesha, Renney,
Dan and Memphis are a strong ally
to the end....they start back
stabbing each other. Whassup ???
I thought BB9 was weird....I think
these are the real weirdos ! God...
where does the BB staff find these
yokels ?

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:04 there are a lot of companies looking for proofreading...need a job?! LOL