Friday, August 22, 2008

8/21-22 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-1:00 PM

Memphis is seen here laying in the backyard this morning.

Dan told Ollie that he would keep him and Michelle safe this week. Dan also agreed that Ollie could choose the replacement nominee if PoV is used. Dan told Memphis about the deal, and Memphis is upset because Ollie basically won HoH this week instead of Dan. Ollie told Michelle about the deal, and she was shocked that Dan agreed to it.

Dan received his HoH bedroom along with pictures of his girlfriend Monica, his friends and family, and his football team. He also received a letter from both his family and Monica. Dan told Keesha that he cannot tell her who he is nominating because he made a deal with Ollie. Dan told Ollie that the only HG that Dan will not nominate is Keesha.

Michelle and Ollie continue to think that something is up with Dan since he magically had a raincoat for the endurance HoH competition. They even think that something is up with Monica because Ollie claims that he saw her at his audition for the show. They think that there will be a double eviction this week since Monica will enter the house. Michelle thinks that someone new is definitely entering the game since there is an extra spot on the Memory Wall. Michelle and Ollie even think that April's eviction was planned since she received designer clothes the week prior to her eviction. @@

Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 3:20 AM. BB woke the HG up at around 9:00 AM this morning. Dan told Memphis that he will probably be nominated this week. Memphis still doesn't understand why Dan is letting Ollie control his nominations. Dan claims that he had to make this deal in order to get Ollie to drop. Memphis doesn't think that there is a difference between Dan winning HoH or Ollie winning it, since Ollie makes the decision regardless.

Memphis thinks that Michelle wants him out as well. Memphis doesn't understand why Michelle is safe either. He wants her nominated to avoid competing in physical competitions with her in the future. Dan and Memphis agree that Michelle will probably win the game if she makes the finals. Dan told Memphis that he needs to trust him this week, and Dan will make sure that he is safe.

Dan told Keesha that he wants to make Memphis feel uneasy this week. Keesha is mad that Dan is targeting his allies. Keesha doesn't know if Renny would vote to keep Memphis or not. Dan says that he is willing to backdoor Michelle this week. Dan told Ollie that he is still sticking to the deal and nominating Memphis.

Dan told Keesha and Renny that he wants to make a formal alliance between the three of them and Memphis. Renny doesn't like the idea because she doesn't trust Memphis and would vote him out before Michelle. Dan told her that they can take him out first once they are the final four. Renny still didn't agree, so Dan told her that he will nominate Memphis alongside Michelle this week. Dan wants Michelle out though, so he wants her to vote that way. Renny still isn't sure. Renny thinks that Memphis would nominate her if he won HoH next week. Dan told Renny that he is keeping his promise to Ollie this week.


Anonymous said...

Renny is REALLY hatin on Memphis! I hate that he getting targeted!!!

Anonymous said...

Renny needs to just be grateful she's not going on the block this week. Let the chips fall where they may. I think Dan is stupid for not putting up Michelle and Ollie. So he gave his word, who in the house has kept their word. April didn't the week she won it. Michelle makes me sick how she is sucking up now. She walks around the house like she's hot stuff!!! She is freaking ugly. I think if Dan tries to keep his word to Ollie, he could end up shooting his own self in he foot. I woudn't trust Renny she has a mind of her own and has side deals with Ollie and Michelle.

Anonymous said...

We've seen it season after season ... the worst thing you can do in the BB house is NOT keep your word after an endruance competition. Dan's mistake was offering Ollie so much. He should have just kept it at Ollie is safe this week. Now Dan's doomed no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I can understand Dan keeping Ollie
from being put up.......but why
the hell Michelle ????? She may
have been hit with the ugly stick... but she's a tough competitor ! Dan was nuts to do
that ! Maybe she'll jump in bed
with Ollie and take up where his
old HO left off ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Last night, when they interviewed
April's sister....I could not
believe they sat there all googled
eyed with smiles on their faces
so proud of April....when she
screwed a guy on national TV for
millions to see ! Yeah, she's
really something to be proud of !
Same goes for Ollie's stupid
family !

Anonymous said...

A black screwing a white makes the black a status symbol, at least that is what they think. Both families should be ashamed of the actions of their family members.

Anonymous said...

Dan is a freaking idiot.....this is a game, you do what you have to go to get ahead, put Michelle and Jerry up!

Promises mean nothing in BB.

Makes me angry with whole BS about his students. If he really cared about setting a good example, than he would not go on a reality show.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:16 you are an idiot about the racist comment.