Sunday, August 17, 2008

8/17 Show Recap

Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Keesha was glad that the entire house voted Libra out last week. April wasn't sure if she had the votes to evict Keesha, so she told everyone to vote Libra out. Michelle didn't care that Libra failed to hug her following her eviction since Libra voted Jessie out the week before. Renny noticed that her picture was the lone one not in black and white on the left side of the Memory Wall.

Renny got emotional after her HoH win because she misses her mother and wants to see a picture of her. Keesha is thrilled that she has nothing to worry about this week. April knows that she will be nominated, but she is okay with that. Memphis feels safe with Renny as HoH. Renny knows that Memphis will be primarily talking with Keesha at night since Renny will be in the HoH bedroom.

April hates that Jerry is always hanging around her and Ollie. April hopes that she is nominated next to Jerry so that Ollie could have a chance at saving her with the PoV. April thinks that Renny will nominate Jerry since he nominated her when he was HoH. Renny understands that Keesha likes Memphis, but she thinks that he is using her to get further in the game. Keesha is worried that Renny might nominate Memphis.

Renny is thrilled that she can see pictures of her parents that have already passed away. As soon as she entered her bedroom, she saw a picture of her mother and immediately broke down in tears. Jerry was surprised to see a more serious side of Renny. Renny really misses her mother.

April has taken love to Holly, a stuffed dog that was on April's bed the day she moved into the house. However, none of the other HG seem to like her as they have taken pleasure to kicking the dog across the backyard. Dan thinks that April is in worse condition than Holly, even after the dog's neck was broken. April and Ollie have really gotten close to each other and are thinking about getting married.

Renny told Michelle that she likes her but knows that she is a tough competitor. She asked Michelle if she would nominate her if she won HoH next week, and Michelle said that she wouldn't. Renny wants to bring Michelle into her alliance but isn't sure if she can trust her. Renny is thinking about nominating April but hates the way that some of the HG think they are safe this week, especially Keesha.

Time for the food competition! The HG were split into two teams. Blue: Jerry, Memphis, Ollie, and Renny. Red: April, Dan, Keesha, and Michelle. The HG were playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, except with slop, crickets, and pig ears. The teams faced off against each other one member at a time. The members would choose slop, crickets, or pig ears. Crickets beat slop, slop beat pig ears, and pigs ears beat crickets. If they won, they had to eat the food they chose. If they ate it, they earned a point. The team to win 4 points first would win food for the week!

Dan and Michelle did fine eating crickets, winning points for the red team. Jerry had trouble eating the slop at first, which surprised Memphis since Jerry has been on slop more than anyone in the house. However, Jerry got the slop down, earning a point for the blue team. Memphis also had no problem eating crickets, winning another point for the blue team. Michelle actually enjoyed the pig ears and earned a point for the red team. April wasn't sure if she could eat the pig ears since she is a vegetarian. April pulled through though, putting the blue team on slop for the week!

However, the blue team also got to enjoy one other food item for the week that was chosen by America. America chose giant lollipops! Ollie has never seen so many lollipops and thanked America for saving him from slop this week. April was jealous and hoped that she could partake in the lollipops as well.

Ollie is afraid of birds and doesn't like how they fly around the backyard. Dan thinks that Ollie had a bad experience with birds in his childhood. Renny told Dan that she may have to nominate him as a pawn. Dan tried to convince Renny that if he, Keesha, and Memphis are not nominated, then they will all vote the way she wants. Renny is worried about nominating someone that will stay and target her next week.

Memphis told Renny that she doesn't need to worry about Jerry targeting her because he will nominate Dan and Memphis if he wins HoH next week. Renny told Ollie that her alliance wants he and April to be nominated, but she wants Ollie to stay this week. Ollie told Renny that she doesn't have to follow her alliance because she won HoH, not them. He pushed for Jerry to be nominated because he has upset pretty much every HG.

Dan is concerned about being nominated and thinks that Renny would be stupid to nominate a pawn from their alliance. April thinks that Renny would be stupid not to nominate her but thinks it is unfair since she is such a nice person. @@ Ollie is concerned about nominations, primarily for April though. Keesha is worried about what Renny is thinking about nominations. Memphis thinks that Renny will make an enemy out of him if she nominates him. Renny plans on shaking up the house this week and doesn't want her alliance making this decision for her.

Order of keys: Dan, Keesha, Ollie, Memphis, and Michelle, leaving April and Jerry nominated for eviction. Renny nominated April because of her tough attitude and nominated Jerry since he nominated her when he was HoH. Keesha thinks that Renny should have nominated April and Ollie. Renny wanted to seek revenge on Jerry for nominating her. Jerry hopes that he can survive eviction. April is glad that she isn't nominated next to Ollie and plans to make everyone believe that Jerry is a floater.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either April or Jerry for eviction? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Wow No Comments. Is Everybody In Church? Or Asleep? Maybe Watching Preseason Football? All I Have To Say Is Goodbye April!

Anonymous said...

April obviously has Ollies vote. I believe I heard them said they have Michelle's too. All she needs is one more. I hope she doesn't get it. I think they are trying to bribe Dan with the money. Hopefully he doesn't fall for it. April GO HOME to Libra

Anonymous said...

Don't think Dan will take a bribe...He already has 20k no one knows about for being AP for a week...

Anonymous said...

I ain't so sure that Dan would not
take a bribe ! Last night on BBAD
I "think" I heard him tell Memphis
that he should ask her for $5,000.
for his vote and then NOT vote for
her ! they were whispering...but
I think that is what he said. did
anybody else hear that ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:46: alot of us have moved on to sights with more updates. its been quiet here most of the season

Anonymous said...

What other sites? Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...