Saturday, August 23, 2008

8/23 Live Feeds: 5:00 AM-1:00 PM

BB woke the HG up shortly after 9:00 AM this morning. PoV players: Dan, Jerry, Keesha, Memphis, Michelle, and Renny. Ollie told Dan that Keesha is aligned with everyone and that he should watch out for her. Ollie reminded Dan that he, Jerry, and Michelle will all look after him next week, so Dan doesn't have to worry about Keesha and Renny targeting him. Michelle says that Dan will have to nominate Keesha if Renny wins PoV and uses it to stay true to the deal.

Michelle now thinks that Keesha and Memphis are a real-life couple since Keesha didn't receive a picture or a letter from her "boyfriend." Michelle and Ollie aren't sure if Michelle should use the PoV if she wins it for fear of Ollie being nominated instead of Renny. The feeds have been blocked since around 12:30 PM for the PoV competition. I'll have the scoop when they return!


Anonymous said...

Michelle is the queen of conspiracy theories. Next, she'll be saying "I think Renny is reeeealllly from Saturn! That's the Big brother twist!"

Anonymous said...

is the pov over yet...

Anonymous said...

If Memphis takes himself off, who will Dan put up?

Will he brave enough to put up Michelle?

I hope so... then hopefully she'll be voted out..

Only thing... he has NEVER gone against his word in the house from day one!!

we'll see!

Anonymous said...

We went against his word when he voted Jessie out. Not that I blame him for it. I really did not like Jessie.