Friday, August 22, 2008

8/22 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

A few of Dan's pictures that he received with his HoH bedroom are seen here.

Memphis will have a meltdown if he and Keesha are nominated or if Jerry isn't nominated. Memphis doesn't trust Dan anymore since he made such a significant deal with Ollie. Michelle reminded Dan that she didn't nominate him when she was HoH, so she hopes that he will do the same to her this week. Memphis is worried that he will not have the votes to stay if he is nominated.

Keesha and Memphis think that Dan made the deal with Ollie since he was ready to fall himself. Memphis told Keesha that he will be safe if she can get Renny to vote to keep him. Memphis thinks that Michelle and Ollie would both vote him out, so he needs Keesha and Renny to vote to keep him so Dan can break the tie. The feeds have been blocked since around 4:25 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return!

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Anonymous said...

It's Memphis and Jerry