Saturday, August 23, 2008

8/22-23 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-5:00 AM

Dan seen here reading his letter from home in his HoH bedroom last night.

Dan told Memphis that he will nominate Michelle if PoV is used and that he will use the PoV if he wins it. Dan still wants Ollie to believe that Ollie is in control this week so he won't try to win the PoV. Dan told Memphis to act like he is mad for being nominated, but Memphis is actually mad since Dan is relying on Renny's vote this week. Memphis hopes that he can get Michelle's vote if Renny doesn't follow through.

Keesha thinks that Memphis will be evicted if he is nominated alongside Jerry. Renny is upset that Michelle wasn't nominated, so she doesn't want to vote the way Dan wants her to. Renny even thinks that she will be nominated if PoV is used and not Michelle. Michelle and Ollie agree that they will save Jerry if either of them win PoV. Ollie is glad that he didn't win HoH since Dan is on his side now. Jerry thinks that Dan will nominate either Michelle or Ollie if PoV is used.

Ollie plans on nominating Keesha if he wins HoH next week since that is who April wanted evicted the most. Keesha says that she would probably save Memphis if she won the PoV. Keesha hates that Michelle and Ollie think they are safe this week. Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 2:45 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

I hope Jerry gets taken off and Memphis and Keesha are put on the block. They are the most fake, cold hearted people in the house. They deserve eachother.

Memphis latest attack is that Michelle is mean/mad because, "all northerners are mad because it's cold there." he's probably, next to Keesha, the most angry person in the house. His age/maturity is really starting to show.

Keesha has obviously gotten what she's wanted in life by manipulating and lying to people. She's too good at it to just come to her in the BB house. That tactic may work in the real world but I think the jury will see right through it.

I sure hope so. They would be the last two people I would want to see get the money.

Anonymous said...

9:18Couldnt agree more. Keesha has playing the men the whole game and they all tell her they wont nominate her Ollie wants to now nominte her just for April.  I dont want to see Dan with the money either everything is going to explode in his face and Memphis is going to the jury house. Why is Memphis mad too win something man the only reason you won the car is because the members of your team just wanted to win.  Its funny that only Dan and Jessie were the only ones who won HOH (Jerry was voted at the begining) BB picked a bunch of weak ass guys.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all comments.

I think Dan is getting a little cocky too. It's easy to be cocky when you have BB on your side. He may regret the deal he made with Ollie before the week is out. It may matter, it may not, because
the double eviction will rock everyone's world on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Whatever I completely disagree. If you don't like Dan, Memphis, and Keesha do you like anyone in the house??? Ollie's stupid and Michelle and Jerry flip sides every other day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post, that michelle and jerry just flip all actually I think Ollie should go and pray Michelle wins POV and takes off Jerry! Then she can just be mad at her self and Memphis should stay away fromm her and Jerry stick with Dan. I hope he can survive the double eviction. Best case....Ollie goes and then Michelle. If they can pull this off, it is anyones game.

Anonymous said...

I think that all players are really weak this time.

Anonymous said...

Renny, Keesha, Memphis, and Dan are definately gunning for getting Michelle out this week. They hope to use teh POV on Memphis and put up Michelle.

The only scenario that would kill them is that Michelle would win and actually use it on Jerry. She says she would, but i don't believe she actually will.

On the live feeds, Michelle, Jerry and Ollie are badmouthing the hell out of the "foursome" and then being so nice to their faces. They are truly flip-flopping. Way to play both sides.

Boy Michelle is really evil...the things she says about people... especially Dan... BB doesn't show it on normal episodes... but the Live feeds show the true side to her.

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing that could happen would be for Memphis to win POV and then Dan should put Ollie up. You don't make deals unless you're dying yourself. So Dan should have just held out because he put himself in the crappiest situation.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is pure white trash ! She
has that ugly old flat looking
face. Absolutely, no class whatsoever ! When she was eating
Fritos on BBAD last night, with
her mouth open and crunching one
at a time, I had to flip over to
something else on TV. She is really
pukey ! ! ! ! ! ! I hope someone
gets rid of her fast !